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Nov 11th 2012 new

How about things to do before you're way too old :)

Hvae you ever had a "bucket List"?
I think so far I'm still missing "on-line adopting a child from eith Africa or South America". Not sure where, because I would like to do that through a Mexican institution.

Nov 13th 2012 new

That's a good idea! I have a bucket list, but I think I can aim to do a lot of the things on my list before I turn 30. If not, I'll turn it into a 40 before 40 or 50 before 50. biggrin

Nov 13th 2012 new

I don't really have a bucket list, but would like to travel to a number of places. Perhaps hike the Appalachian Trail at some point. I also have a couple of instruments I would like to learn to play.

Nov 13th 2012 new
Awesome James! :)
Nov 14th 2012 new

This is SUCH a good idea! I'm going to make one!! flower wave You get a Gold Star!

Nov 15th 2012 new

I've realized that I've actually completed a lot of the things on my bucket list so I could actually use it as a 30 before 30 list. Some of the things on my list, which I still have not done are:

1. Go bungie jumping

2. Learn Italian

3. Go to a World Cup game

Nov 16th 2012 new
I am soon to be 33 my B Day is on the 22 I wanted to do something blode so I join catholic match I do got say I alittle nerious but life about taking risks
Nov 17th 2012 new
Awesome Joanne! Congrats and welcome! :)
Dec 11th 2012 new

i have a similar list. #1 on my list is to drive from california to florida. i have 8 months to do it but i doubt it will hapen as i'll be in Brazil for world youth day. #5 was to sing to the virgin and i did that in portugal 2 summers ago. oh well i'll add 5 more things and turn it into a 35 befoe 35

Dec 11th 2012 new

I don't quite have 30 things yet, but I'm close... now I just have to do them! I'm particularly excited about climbing the Matterhorn!

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