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This room is for discussion about CatholicMatch events or to plan a get-together or meet-up for offline activities such a dinners, ball games, concerts etc.

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I have posted this in another venue but it really applies to all you CMers out there! If you have never gone to an event, I STRONGLY encourage you to go to one! It is worth the sacrifice! As I and others have put it, it is a, "slice of heaven"!! Can you imagine a place where Christ is shared openly, you can TOTALLY be yourself, and you can have great fun as well! This is all what happens at these events! Remember Christ's own words in the gospel, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them"!! This passage truly applies to these events!! Trust me you will not like leaving!

Along those lines here's what I posted in that other site re: why most of us are single:

I've been doing some thinking.......

The question is occasionally brought up: "Why are we single?" I would not ask another CMer this question because we both know why, it's a given!

We will not SETTLE for just anyone! We are all looking for that:"Special Soul" to sweep us away and eventually into heaven! How easy it would be for all of us to stay withing our areas and just meet someone within a "convenient" distance? Sometimes it does happen that way, but most times it doesnt! We all made many sacrifices to come to Indy some from as far away as California!!

Many of us have more than exhausted the regular ways to date. Based on our beliefs and strong convictions we usually meet the wrong people that way!! We're not into the easy ways! It can be frustrating, I can attest, but in the end I'd imagine it to be SOOO worth it. All difficult sacrifices bear great fruit, just ask Christ! We may not see them now mind you, but later, in God's time! I wish you all God's blessings in finding friendship and above all(the reason most of us joined CM) to find the one person you can share your, life, heart, and soul with! I will be praying perpetually for all of the Indy group and all CMers everywhere!!

In closing, think of it this way....... We all improved our chances of meeting that "special soul" with past events, recent ones like the October Indy Farm outing and the ones to come!! God works in mysterious ways as we know!!

We all did the legwork, lets just let him put the finishing touches and help connect us to our soulmates!!

God Bless,

Oct 17th 2012 new


Okay Joe.. It's your special task to get more 'older' men to the gatherings so us more mature ladies getta pick.. wink

Oct 17th 2012 new
(Quote) Donna-83441 said: Okay Joe.. It's your special task to get more 'older' men to the gatherings so u...
(Quote) Donna-83441 said:

Okay Joe.. It's your special task to get more 'older' men to the gatherings so us more mature ladies getta pick..


Yeah, sure.. tried to get one going my way... it didn't get off the ground...
Oct 17th 2012 new

Wow, Joe, CM Indy must've really been a fantastic event!! clap

I offer no guarantees for CM Phx coming up Nov 9-12--shameless plug, shameless plug--but it's a start for this part of the country and I look forward to meeting CM people.

Oct 17th 2012 new

Ok, I can do that!!:))))

Oct 17th 2012 new

Though define older? LOL

Oct 17th 2012 new

Will be praying for your success Lina!!

Oct 17th 2012 new

(Quote) Joe-826335 said: Though define older? LOL
(Quote) Joe-826335 said:

Though define older? LOL


wink Clearly, old enough for ME!

Oct 17th 2012 new

Chris, maybe give it one more shot, otherwise you could look for a group within 500 miles or so IF people would be willing to travel. There is a small group in Pittsburgh that does stuff. but sometimes theres just no interest.

Oct 17th 2012 new

Yeah what Joe said!! If you can afford to attend one, by all means, GO FOR IT!! You will make precious friendships and who knows.....blessings and safe travels!

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