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Oct 22nd 2012 new

Proposed on the first F2F..

Oct 24th 2012 new

LDR to me would be between two different countries. I don't think it would be as easy to see each other regularly. But what do I know. Stranger things have happened.

To me, living in a different state is managable. Especially if both are interested, and willing to make the effort required.

Oct 24th 2012 new

(Quote) Tom-267933 said: I know I'm not a typical person in this regard, but I define "long distance" as anyth...
(Quote) Tom-267933 said:

I know I'm not a typical person in this regard, but I define "long distance" as anything further than a 6-7 hour drive. If I can drive somewhere on a Saturday to spend a few hours, then stay for Mass an lunch on Sunday before heading home, that's close enough for me.

Gotta agree with you, Tom. That would be a LDR in my book, too. Yeah, a quick plane flight would reduce that time down to maybe 2-3 hours, but for convenience, I like to have my own car.

That said, even a 3 hour drive after work on Friday nights, has been the limit of my LDR's in the past. But I do believe that if the "right person" is delivered from Heaven, I would hop in the car, drive the 2 hours to the airport, and in 1-3 hours, be at my sweetheart's receiving airport....

Oct 24th 2012 new

Hi Joe:

Meeting someone close by is ideal but not reality for some. I would hope that the traveling would be shared fairly equally if possible by the couple.

When I hear of years of a LDR...I am shocked...perhaps because I haven't given the situation much thought...or perhaps I expect things to move along a lot faster, mainly because of the challenge of the relationship being distant...I would hope that discernment would happen rather quicker than if someone where living near by....As I mentioned I haven't given distance much thought, because I placed the relationship more important than one's location, job, etc....If there was potential for happiness with another...that was all I focused on when I decided to partake in Internet dating. However, I am learning that dating is not likely because of distance. This was a surprise because the one thing I did expect was meeting someone further away...and that each of us would be open to live anywhere...even in the early stages of getting to know one another if we were interested enough in each other.

LOL...I wonder if this is a sign of aging...perhaps this sounds too rushed for most...I just take into account the # of possible years left. Thanks Joe, I think this is a great topic.

Oct 25th 2012 new

What LDR means to me?, well, for starters, it gives an entire different meaning to the small things in life that couples do together. When you are miles away from the one you love, you cherish so much more the moments you area able to hold hands, cook, watch a film and even attend mass together.

You will never be able to thoroughly get to know someone until youv been in f2f. However, distance could help set the physical attraction aside and focus on getting to know each other at a deeper level (faith wise, we must be careful about the personal info we share on here tho). LDR is a big challenge indeed, but if its meant to be God would make good use of the distance between to help you build a strong relationship and grow spiritually.

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