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Feb 13th 2013 new
When I filed my taxes by myself
Feb 13th 2013 new

The birth of my two children and everytime my daughter says "you are the best Mummy in the whole wide world" or my son tells me " I love you so much Mummy."

I would also have to say having the courage to give up my old home ( the day after my divorce finalized) that I had put so much into and in a very short space of time (1 week) moving with my two very small kids accross country to a place where we knew no one, buying a new home remotely after having seen it only once ( yes it required lots of faith), starting a new job two days after closing on my new house and getting to Ohio. When I look at the network of friends and support we have here it is almost like we have lived here all of our lives. I have many friends who would be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I am happy and to protect or defend me. We are surrounded by love. What more could my kids and I ask for.

When I look at all of that I am proud but I know indeed that God is truly good and faithful. I would also have to say thank heavens for being Catholic. The first thing I did after closing on my house (14 hours after we got to Ohio) was to go to see the local priest and it felt like home again. I told the realtor two miles max from the nearest Catholic Church. biggrin I will never forget the hug that my priest at that time gave me after hearing my story and how loved and protected I felt. My Opus Dei sisters who had never met me or heard of me before, had been notified that I was coming and they were waiting with treats, hugs, words of encouragement and practical support. Since then, they have never stopped loving me so deeply that it humbles me each and every time I think of it. I am getting emotional just writing about how much and how deeply they love me. Thank God for being so good to the undeserving and for being Catholic. biggrin

Feb 13th 2013 new

I don't know about proudest, but my first "grown up" moment was when I borrowed a friend's car for a weekend trip and realized that this was the first time I was going out without telling anyone where I was going or when I was coming back.

The kind of pathetic part was, I was 22 and had already been in the Army for four months....

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