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Saint Augustine of Hippo is considered on of the greatest Christian thinkers of all time and the Doctor of the Church.
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Nov 8th 2012 new
(Quote) Liberacion-894835 said: You know, every time I think about my sorrows and I run for comfort to Our Lady of Sorrows, I feel very sm...
(Quote) Liberacion-894835 said:

You know, every time I think about my sorrows and I run for comfort to Our Lady of Sorrows, I feel very small and helpless thinking that her sorrows was the heaviest of all. You may not be able to feel this because you are a man, but imagine if you are a mother seeing your son carrying a heavy cross towards his death, and being mocked around by people on the way, and to be hanged naked for the public to see (Note. Jesus Christ was hanged naked on the cross as their way of humiliating him, but Our Church would not do that in his replica, so he is partially covered.) I had a trying time with my children. My girl was diagnosed with a malignant bone cancer at age 10 called "osteosarcoma". She lost her left leg, underwent a chemotherapy , rehab, and now walks with an artificial leg. My son had a brain surgery caused by aneurysm; a portion of his brain was removed damaged by internal bleeding, and now half of his body is semi-paralyzed causing him to limp. Added to this I had a husband who was emotionally, physically, and verbally abusive, who was bitter to me when these things happened. On these ordeals I run to Our Lady of Sorrow for comfort. Now my children are both accountants, my boy a CPA, and work with big oil companies here in Houston and I am free. My sorrows were very little compared to that of Our Mother Mary.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult life, On the plus side, you must be very happy to see your children succeed even though they had to go through these great difficulties.

I can't imagine what The Blessed Mother of God had to go through in order to allow Her innocent Son be sacrificed for us. All I know is that She is worthy to be called The Mother of God.theheart
Nov 8th 2012 new
(Quote) Kathleen-5781 said: Hi Valenin .. I did the consecration twice .. my first time use St Louis de montefort's book and f...
(Quote) Kathleen-5781 said:

Hi Valenin .. I did the consecration twice .. my first time use St Louis de montefort's book and finished on the Feast of the Annunciation March 25th.. I hear that is a popular feast day because that is when the Virgin Mary conceived and said yes to God.. just like we are called to do.. the second time I made the consecration the same time you did.. on The Feast of the Visitation. What a wonderful treasure we have in our Virgin Mary's role and how she can help us be more and more like Christ.. We need her in these turbulant times of the world. God bless you and thank you for your insights..

Pray and make sacrifices .. the time is now..

Peace and Prayers,


Thanks for your post Kathleen. What made you decide to do the Consecration twice?
Nov 14th 2012 new
The beautiful soul of The Blessed Mother of Godtheheart

From "The Glories of Mary" by Saint Alphions de Ligouri

First point. To begin with the first point, it is certain that Mary's soul was the most beautiful that God had ever created; nay more, after the work of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, this was the greatest and most worthy of Himself that an omnipotent God ever did in the world. Saint Peter Damian calls it "a work only surpassed by God." Hence it follows that Divine grace did not come into Mary by drops, as in other Saints, "but like rain on the fleece," as it was foretold by David. The soul of Mary was like fleece, and imbibed the whole shower of grace, without losing a drop. Saint Basil of Seleucia says, "that the holy Virgin was full of grace, because She was elected and pre-elected by God, and the Holy Spirit was about to take full possession of Her." Hence She said, by the lips of Ecclesiastes, "My abode is in the full assembly of saints;" that is, as Saint Bonaventure explains it, "I hold in plenitude all that other Saints have held in part." And Saint Vincent Ferrer, speaking particularly of the sanctity of Mary before Her birth, says "that the Blessed Virgin was sanctified" (surpassed in sanctity) "in Her mother's womb above all Saints and angels."

The grace that the Blessed Virgin received, exceeded not only that of each particular Saint, but of all the angels and saints put together, as the most learned Father Francis Pepe, of the Society of Jesus, proves in his beautiful work on the greatness of Jesus and Mary. And he asserts that this opinion, so glorious for our Queen, is now generally admitted, and considered as beyond doubt by modern theologians (such as Carthagena, Suarez, Spinelli, Recupito, and Guerra, who have professedly examined the question, and this was never done by the more ancient theologians). And besides this he relates, that the Divine Mother sent Father Martin Guttierez to thank Father Suarez, on Her part, for having so courageously defended this most probable opinion, and which, according to Father Segneri, in his "Client of Mary," was afterwards believed and defended by the University of Salamanca.

(This depiction is filled with Symbolism. At the instant of Her conception within the womb of Saint Anne, at the instant Her soul was created by Almighty God, Mary's soul is shown being crowned by Her Father and filled with grace by Her Spouse, the Holy Spirit. Mary tramples on the head of the Evil Beast, assisted by an angel carrying Her Son's Cross of Redemption. Satan sits, very much confused by the soul of Mary (the New Eve) over which he has no power because of the absence of Original Sin; and behind Satan is the "Old Eve" receiving the "Apple of Temptation" from the Evil Beast, which has no power over Mary. Jesus' (the New Adam) Crucifixion and Mary's role as Auxiliatrix was a triumph over Satan, Sin and Death, necessary to correct the Sin of both Adam and Eve.)
Nov 16th 2012 new
Mary, The Blessed Mother of God is also our Mother:theheart

From "The Glories of Mary" by Saint Alphions de Ligouri

At two different times Mary became our spiritual Mother. The first time was when She was found worthy of conceiving in Her virginal womb the Son of God. Saint Bernardine of Siena teaches us that when the most holy Virgin gave Her consent to become Mother of the eternal Word, She, by this very act, demanded of God our salvation. She was so earnestly engaged in obtaining it, that from that time on She carried us, as it were, in Her womb like a loving mother. Saint Luke says, speaking of the birth of Jesus, that Mary "gave birth to Her firstborn Son" (Luke 2:7). If the evangelist affirms that Mary brought forth Her firstborn, is it to be supposed that She afterward had other children? But if it is of faith that Mary had no other children according to the flesh except Jesus, then She must have other spiritual children, and these we are. Mary, in bringing forth Jesus Who is our Savior and our Life, brought forth all of us to life and salvation.

The second time Mary brought us forth to grace was when, on Calvary, She offered to the Father the life of Her Son for our salvation. Saint Augustine says that by cooperating with Christ in the birth of the faithful to the life of grace, She became the spiritual Mother of all who are members of our Head, Jesus Christ. Mary, to save our souls, was willing to sacrifice the life of Her Son. And who was the true soul of Mary but Her Jesus, Who was Her life and all Her love?

Therefore, Simeon announced to Her that Her soul would one day be pierced by a sword of sorrows, which was the very spear that pierced the side of Jesus, Who was the soul of Mary. And then She in Her sorrow brought us forth to eternal life, so that we may all call ourselves children of Mary's sorrows. She, our most loving Mother, was always and entirely united to the divine will. According to Saint Bonaventure, when She saw the love of the Father Who willed that His Son die for our salvation, and the love of the Son in wishing to die for us, She too, with Her whole will, offered Her Son and consented that He should die so that we might be saved. Thus She joined Herself to that great love of the Father and Son for the human race.

Be joyful, then, all you children of Mary. Remember that She adopts all those who wish Her to be their Mother. Joyful: for what fear have you of being lost when this Mother defends and protects you? Saint Bonaventure says that everyone who loves this good Mother should take courage. What have we to fear?

Our eternal salvation will not be lost, as the final sentence depends upon Jesus our Brother, and upon Mary our Mother. And Saint Anselm, full of joy at this thought, exclaims in order to encourage us: "With what certainty may we hope, since our salvation depends upon the sentence of a good Brother and a kind Mother!" Hear, then, our Mother Who calls us and says to us: "Let whoever is simple turn in here" (Proverbs 9:4). Little children are always saying the word "Mother", and in all the dangers which they encounter and in all their fears they cry, "Mother! Mother!"

Prayer: Most sweet Mary, most loving Mother, this is exactly what you wish: that we become little children and always have recourse to You, for You wish to help and save us, as You have saved all Your children who have fled to You.
Nov 19th 2012 new
I enjoyed watching this movie:

Do others have a favorite movie about Mary that they enjoy watching?
Nov 20th 2012 new
biggrin Another good movie:
Dec 9th 2012 new
theheartOur Lady of Guadalupetheheartbiggrin
Dec 9th 2012 new
Awesome. Thanks for sharing that.
Jan 20th 2013 new
From "True Devotion to Mary" by Saint Louis de Montfort

19. If we examine closely the remainder of the life of Jesus

Christ, we see that He chose to begin His miracles through Mary.

It was by Her word that He sanctified Saint John the Baptist in

the womb of his mother, Saint Elizabeth; no sooner had Mary

spoken than John was sanctified. This was His first and greatest

miracle of grace. At the wedding in Cana He changed water into

wine at Her humble prayer, and this was His first miracle in the

order of nature. He began and continued His miracles through

Mary and He will continue them through Her until the end of

theheart Praying
Jan 24th 2013 new
From "True Devotion to Mary"by Saint Louis de Montfort

255. To thank God for the graces He has given to our Lady, Her

consecrated ones will frequently say the Magnificat, following the

example of Blessed Marie d'Oignies and several other saints. The

Magnificat is the only prayer we have which was composed by

our Lady, or rather, composed by Jesus in Her, for it was He who

spoke through Her lips. It is the greatest offering of praise that

God ever received under the law of grace. On the one hand, it is

the most humble hymn of thanksgiving and, on the other, it is

the most sublime and exalted. Contained in it are mysteries so

great and so hidden that even the angels do not understand


Gerson, a pious and learned scholar, spent the greater part of

his life writing tracts full of erudition and love on the most

profound subjects. Even so, it was with apprehension that he

undertook towards the end of his life to write a commentary on

the Magnificat which was the crowning point of all his works. In a

large volume on the subject he says many wonderful things

about this beautiful and divine canticle. Among other things he

tells us that Mary Herself frequently recited it, especially at

thanksgiving after Holy Communion. The learned Benzonius, in

his commentary on the Magnificat, cites several miracles worked

through the power of this prayer. The devils, he declare, take to

flight when they hear these words, "He puts forth His arm in

strength and scatters the proud-hearted".

theheart Praying
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