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Nov 7th 2012 new

(Quote) Victor-544727 said: Oh, good grief! If you only knew how many of my comments have been delet...
(Quote) Victor-544727 said:

Oh, good grief!

If you only knew how many of my comments have been deleted over the course of the last 3 years...


Deleting individual comments are a different issue, though (sorry about your "loss"). Here comments are not being deleted, but entire threads are being locked - thus preventing any further comments.

Nov 7th 2012 new

There have been over a dozen topics locked or hidden in the past 2 days. All that is done manually, not for any kind of rule breaking, but because there were lots of identically-natured topics. And no one is targeting anyone. It's just not a surgical procedure - if there are multiple topics often it's not worth the time or effort make sure that every topic is condensed. You just get "most" of it. Especially if you're doing it from a mobile phone. Because that's just awkward.

Anywho, something that will help in the future is that I'm going to add a way to combine topics. Then it's simple and nothing gets lost. Until then, a little haphazardness in cleanups will just have to be tolerated.

And with that, I'm going to lock this topic. There's enough conspiracy theories going around without me adding to the pot. I apologize if anyone felt targeted or marginalized - it was not the intention, and I'll work to improve our functionality to avoid it in the future.


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