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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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my perfect imperfections

Nov 17th 2012 new

Just for fun and maybe a way to get to know each other, men and women. On YouTube allot are making video's of things they like about themselves and things they don't like about themselves. So you name 3 perfections and 3 imperfections and give a short explanation. I'll start..

Things I don't like:
- my insecurity: It goes way back from when I was in primary school, but it still plays a small role in my daily life. for some reason I get nervous in making that first step to talk to someone or put myself out there in a group of people. Even in the classroom, I know all the answers the teacher asks, but I never answer. although people can't really tell, as people usually describe as confident, I feel all those emotions and have to push myself to make those first steps. I have come a long way and hopefully one day I'll have it completely under control.
- my body-type: I wish I was a bit more petite.
- my teeth: you can't really tell, but my front teeth are slightly crooked. I have never worn braces as I didn't have to, but I got my wisdom teeth way to early and they started pushing my teeth crooked. asked my dentist about it ones, maybe I should get braces or something. But my dentist says it gives me character tongue

Things I like:
- my hairbiggrin the thing I get the most compliments about. Personally I don't know why people like curly hair, but I like the compliments! and have experienced some very strange ways of people giving me these compliments.
- being thoughtful. I've always been that way. I try to see all perspectives before making decisions or before saying something. I have never tried to follow anything or anyone blindly just to fit in. I know what I stand for, I know what I believe and I know why I'm living my life the way I'm living it.
- Open-minded. I try to see the good in people. Although I don't agree with the majority of today's world, but I do try to understand why they think the way think. I try to respect that, as it is not my place to change someone or tell them how to live their life. In return I get the respect of society to how I live and think.

Nov 17th 2012 new

Things I don't like

My Body - I don't HATE my body, but I would prefer to weigh less and there are a couple of other small things I would tweak a bit. My Anxiety - It's gotten so much better over the years, but I still can't bring myself to do certain things because of it, like go out and meet people...which is seriously hindering my social life, or lack of. My Mouth - Normally I'm more the quiet type, but when I do talk I tend to be the type that will just give my opinion or say something, without thinking that maybe it was rude, too harsh, too detailed, or not wanted until AFTER I've given it. ...I'm really bad with realizing when I should just 'keep it shut'. embarassed sorry I'm also really bad at using the right words or phrases to describe something, so things tend to come out differently than how I mean them.

Things I Like

My Hair - Honestly, I lovestruck! my hair. I have really long, thick, dark brown hair that grows really fast and stays pretty healthy. It can get really annoying and some days I'm sick of dealing with it and want to chop it off, but I do enjoy it. I have fun seeing how long I can grow it out, or go without getting even a trim. So far, longest length was to my butt, and longest without seeing scissors has been 1 year 7 months and going. My Motherly Skills - I'm awesome with kids. Not ALL kids if I'm being honest, the older ones can work at my nerves and patience. rolling eyes I'm SO good with toddlers and especially babies. My mom has had a home daycare since I was 2, so baby care is 2nd nature to me. I'm glad I'm so good with them, their messes, and everything else that goes with little kids, it means I've got tons of practice for mommy hood whenever that comes along. My Organizational Skills - I'm so organized when I want to be. From the clothes in my closet, to the files on my computer. I can sit forever and just organize and re-organize something (ex. my bookshelf) until I'm satisfied it's perfect. My mom sometimes begs me to organize her things for her. laughing
Nov 17th 2012 new

Ladies, we are far too hard on ourselves. I'm going to list what I like first, then what I don't. Regarding the things I don't like, some might be changeable while others must simply be accepted, so I'll list them as such.

Things I Like About Myself

Kindness - I try to treat others with the love and respect I also wish to receive. I try to be empathetic, to place myself in another person's shoes without passing judgment. Perseverance - Life has been challenging, but I have a certain amount of tough-mindedness that keeps me stubbornly fixed on a goal, ultimately Heaven. Physical attributes - I like my hair, my eyes, my smile (especially after getting a cracked tooth fixed). I like how I've strengthened up and slimmed down with a lot of biking over the summer. Things I Would Change or Must Accept Winter blues - with the decrease in daylight, I can feel the change in my mood and energy level right away. It is a concious effort to manage seasonal affective disorder. I can accept and deal with it, but I doubt it's something I'll ever shed completely. Maybe I need to move to Tahiti. Educational level - This I can change. I have a BA in Theology, but I need to develop another skill set in order to become more employable. I will need to tap into that tough-mindedness listed above to begin again at the age of 41. Loneliness - the cure for my feelings of isolation are not necessarily to "find a man", but to become more comfortable in my own skin. I must accept aloneness and solitude, rather than loneliness and isolation. This can be changed in my perspective on aloneness, in having the courage to "get out there" by finding a group or interest, and in reaching out to friends with whom I've lost contact over the past few years. Thanks, Sally, for the great thread - we can gain a lot of insight from this!

Nov 17th 2012 new

Apologies for the messed-up post - the bullet points didn't work! I don't like! I don't like! hissyfit

Nov 17th 2012 new

(Quote) Alice-788574 said: Apologies for the messed-up post - the bullet points didn't work! I don't like! I don'...
(Quote) Alice-788574 said:

Apologies for the messed-up post - the bullet points didn't work! I don't like! I don't like!


Same things happened to me. I had it so neat with bullet points and when I posted it, they disappeared. scratchchin

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