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Devoted to discussion pertaining to those issues which are specifically relevant to people under 45. Topics must have a specific perspective of people in this age group for it to be on topic.

Frassati was dedicated to works of social action, charity, prayer and community.
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Mar 3rd 2013 new

I would say kindness, humility, ambition, generosity, intelligence.

Mar 9th 2013 new

This is always a good topic!

Temperance, charity, steadfastness, honesty.

Mar 9th 2013 new
Honesty - because its unfortunately an increasingly rare virtue sometimes!

Practicality (also known as common sense) - also increasingly rare, but something that my Grandma taught me to have and to look for!

Compassion - this can show in many ways - caring for others, stopping and saying a quick prayer when you hear an ambulance - I love seeing this in others.

Courage - it takes courage to live out your faith in today's world, and courage to defend the faith, and courage to do the right thing.

Those are mine :)
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