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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

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Nov 20th 2012 new

(Quote) Laura-56149 said:
(Quote) Laura-56149 said:


"It's hardly their fault. If you were told you could walk into a First World nation and access free education, free health care, free services in your own language, and have someone else pay your entrance fee, why wouldn't you? So, yes, Republicans should "moderate" their tone toward immigrants, and de-moderate their attitude to the Dems who suckered the GOP all too predictably. Decades of faintheartedness toward some of the most destabilizing features of any society, including bilingualism (take it from a semi-Belgian Canadian), have brought the party to its date with destiny. Or as Peggy Lee sang long ago in a lost land, "Mañana is soon enough for me."


This is so pathetic. If this is what attracts illegal immigrants, and it is, then it should be curtailed. Our country is
being sold for a dear price. Since this is happening year after year, the ship is sinking. We all know this in our
hearts, but many refuse to see the long term accumulating ramifications of it.

Thanks Laura for posting this.

Dec 14th 2012 new

The Democrats are smart. They can import millions of new uneducated people from all over the world who will vote Democrat. The Democrats don't want the best and the brightest, they want the ones who don't value education and will stay in poverty for generations. And thus become a permenant voting bloc. Democrat of course. We should shut the border tight to everyone exept those with a college degree or skills that America needs. and we should be preaching to the immigrants of all stripes just what it is that makes America so great, and how it is the land of opportunity. Mexicans should be shown the greatness of America and how they can can join in her greatness and prosperity. There is no point in pandering to the Hispanics. We can never out pander the Democrats. Pandering is suicide.

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