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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

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Dec 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Steven-706921 said: The same could be said for Americans in general too. Wages have been going downhill for...
(Quote) Steven-706921 said:

The same could be said for Americans in general too. Wages have been going downhill for a decade will commodity prices spiked due to Federal Reserve bubble generation. The situation with the borders make places like Southern Arizona, where my aunt lives, dangerous as well; going out in the wilderness has become a far dicier proposition with the cartels having outposts in that area according to her. Even Phoenix AZ has become the kidnapping capitol of the U.S. because of this.

This is to say that the problems across the border don't just stay on the Mexican side, and our problems hardly stay confined to the U.S., as much of the world can tell you.

Well, don't worry, Obama can just keep giving those drug cartels weapons better than our policemen and border patrol have and pretty soon they will own Arizona as well as every other state here. Maybe he is on their payroll. For sure, we will never know the truth since any investigation into Fast and Furious was stopped with his exective orders and cover ups.

Dec 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Bernie-350671 said: I don't care that someone comes here speaks a foreign language. I care that they come here a...
(Quote) Bernie-350671 said:

I don't care that someone comes here speaks a foreign language. I care that they come here and get upset that they should HAVE to learn the country's language. People come to America because their country is really messed up, then they try to recreate their country here. I cannot fathom the psychology at work there. If their country was so great, what are they doing here?

My great great grandparents came from Germany. They insisted my great grandparents learn English, because they wanted to be American. They wanted to assimilate into America. I work with a guy born in Mexico and lived there till he was 11. He came here and didn't get any coddling. He had to learn English and learn it immediately. He graduated HS and speaks without an accent. Public schools used to give free English classes for immigrants weekday evenings. Now if we suggest if you are going to live here you should learn English, we are called xenophobes and worse, racist.

As for La Raza, I ask you what does the name mean? The Race! Except that Hispanic isn't a race, neither is Mexican. You keep talking about the radicals. You need to come out of the darkness and into the light. La Raza is racist and radical. I personally have seen La Raza pamphlets handed out at demonstrations calling for the return of the western half of the US. You would have to be going through life with blinders on not to know this.

I'll copy La Raza and get in touch with my ancestry. My family comes from Germany and Ireland. I suppose I should blow up some Englishmen and gas some Jews, correct? I reject that notion. My family may have come to America well after the revolution, but I trace my ancestry to the men who stood on the green at Lexington and fired on the lobster-backs at the Concord bridge. I am American and I'm proud of it.

I am ashamed that someone whose family has lived in America as long if not longer than mine, somehow seems to think they have more in common with a country their great great great grandparents came from than the country where they were born. I can't help but be prejudiced. I pre-judge them to be ignorant.

Well, I suppose you have a point if they "refuse" to learn English, but I don't think that is really what they are doing. When I was in South Texas, I tried to learn Spanish better, so I could understand better when they were speaking it to each other, and so I could speak with the Spanish speakers only. However, there was always an interpreter, and I really didn't have to learn it, nor did they have to learn English, consequently, for the same reason....there was always an interpreter or someone to give them the information in their language. I think it is just hard for them especially since there is always someone around who can interpret for them. I guess if you look at it from their point of view, who can say which language was spoken here in the U.S. first, and why should English be official. Well, either way at this point it is not official and since the country is becoming increasingly Spanish speaking, I think the public schools are failing my son by not teaching him Spanish in the elementary school when it is easier to learn. There will be far more job opportunities for people who can speak both languages. I only wish I had started to learn when I was in preschool and elementary, so I could have picked it up better. Instead of fighting the inevitable, I suggest we try to get schools to teach our children both languages.

I still think it is rude to speak another language when someone in your company doesn't know it, and you do know theirs. I think it is like whispering in front of someone. However, that is my opinion only and matters not....I learned to live with it when I was in South Texas. Besides according to my friends, they hardly even realize when they are going back and forth and since they don't think it is rude, there isn't much I can do about it. I wasn't going to lose my friends over something so minor. And as far as the people who don't know English, I don't think the majority of them aren't learning it on purpose.

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