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MN TEC Retreat!

Nov 26th 2012 new

(For those of you outside of MN, you may find retreats in your vicinity at


I just returned from Together Encountering Christ (TEC) this evening. I feel so much more at peace post retreat conclusion as opposed to when I arrived to the retreat center on Black Friday. The transformation felt is very hard to describe. Participants experience the message of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ through participation in music, discussions, talks, prayer, Scripture, liturgy, and celebration.
Each of the days of the retreat has a central theme:

"Die Day" is the first day - a day centered on the death of Jesus Christ. On "Die Day", participants reflect on many different aspects of their lives, focusing on better relationships with God, self, and others.

"Rise Day" is the second day - a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On "Rise Day", participants celebrate the presence of God's love in their lives.

"Go Day" is the third day - a day which explores the continuous call to spread the Good News. On "Go Day", participants recognize and prepare to carry forth the message of Jesus Christ.

Given I’m still exhilarated on ‘Go Day’ I felt compelled to share my experience with everyone here. I have nothing but positive feedback from my experience and feel everyone would benefit in their faith journey by attending.

The retreat weekends occur about once a month in Belle Prairie, MN. Where is this you ask? Well, it is just North of Little Falls, MN which is just over 100 miles from Minneapolis. Before you jump at the distance, realize that the purpose of a retreat is to leave one’s everyday life in order to connect on a deeper level with God.
Participants in the retreat will have accommodations, lodging, food, and entertainment taken care of while they are in attendance.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Wow Kevin! This sounds simply awesome! What do I need to do to register?” Well, you are in luck! It is very easy, fast, and affordable! One will need to visit www.cmtec.orgoverview.html and figure out a weekend they will be able to set aside life in order to run on God’s time. One will then fill out the online registration form. Finally, one will need to pay the registration fee of $75 in order to be admitted! That’s right, $75! You can’t afford NOT to go! I’d gladly entertain any questions you may have both either on the post or a private message.

Bless you all as you seek out your individual encounter with Christ.

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