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Nov 28th 2012 new

(Quote) Paul-866591 said: There is not much that can be said in favor of Hitler. But here is something to consider....
(Quote) Paul-866591 said:

There is not much that can be said in favor of Hitler. But here is something to consider. As EVIL as he was Germany was in a lot worse shape when he took over than the US when Obummer assumed office.

Yet in the same time frame he had the German economy booming. True he did it by turning the economy to a war footing that the whole world paid a very dear price for.

Obummer took over a country that was tired of a couple of wars that only a relatively few Americans were involved in directly even if you count all the workers involved in the production of materials to wage those wars and the families of those dead and seriously wounded soldiers. But after spending many more dollars, even when you adjust for inflation to make the expenditures of Hitler's Germany and Obummer's America some 80+ years later comparable, the US economy is still in worse shape than in January 2009.

4 years after taking office Hitler had a virtually zero unemployment rate and had stopped and completely controlled a rate of inflation that was astronomically high. We are yet to suffer the coming ravages of inflation that Obummer's policy of unbridled printing press money will trigger. It is already built in and virtually unstoppable.

There are other comparisons where the two records coincide and are parallell in a most awful way. I won't address them here because I would be accused of all kinds of exaggeration.

As it is, I will be accused by a couple of young men posting here of making excuses for Hitler. Which of course is not true.


Interesting comparison's, Paul. But, now you have me intriqued. Please do tell: what are the other two ways they are comparable?
Perhaps for me one is the flexible way they deal with morality, especially the value of human life.

Here is a way they are clearly different: Hitler sought to make Germany a great world power. Obummer is destroying us as a world power.

Nov 29th 2012 new

Hitler helped to destroy Germany. Obama certainly has his own role in destroying the US. The same sorts of people who put the Nazis in power are wrecking the United States as well.

Dec 14th 2012 new

Hitler was glad to slaughter 6 million jews, and millions of additional Christains, Gypsies, and other undesireables. Obama is happy that we have killed 50 million American babies, and he wants to make sure that any who survive abortion are also liquidated. Obamacare will also reduce the excess population on old people as well. I think Hitler called then "useless eaters".

Hitler was for National Socialism; Obama for International socialism. A lot of similarities

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