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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Dec 5th 2012 new

First post alert! Welcome Michael! wave

I have sent emoticons with small comments and a couple of gentlemen had the courtesy to reply back that they were in a relationship and wished me good luck. Much better than being ignored... boggled

Dec 5th 2012 new

I dont think so. I mean, I know some guys are intimidated if a girl does the asking out for like a date and stuff like that, but just making the first move as far as saying hi or sending a wink, I dont think many men mind that, I know I sure dont. Thats kinda the point in internet dating, it alleviates some of that akward "First Move" pressure. I mean, a girl asking a guy out on a date is one thing, but saying hi is another. Good luck to you, and happy dating.

Dec 5th 2012 new

Thank you for the welcome Joanne. biggrin

Dec 5th 2012 new

I agree with the other responses. No problem sending me an emotigram. If we saw each other in person, I would look for some clues that you have any interest in me; but since this is online, I have no way of knowing. Once I browse your profile, if you browse mine, all I know is that you looked at it. A quick smile to me is a signal to continue the conversation if I also like what I see.

And I will admit openly that I am very bad at responding to emotes. That's my issue to work out.

Dec 6th 2012 new

A smiley face shows somebody cares. It's yeeeeaaah you won! It's a rush and should be worth a million bucks.

Dec 6th 2012 new

(Quote) Meg-920823 said: (Quote) Rose-921185 said: Thank you Melanie, John, Charles and Graciela, and...
(Quote) Meg-920823 said:

Rose-921185 said:

Thank you Melanie, John, Charles and Graciela, and all others who commented (Graciela, your comment didn't show up though). It seems that men don't seem to mind if a woman messages them first, but maybe the ones I did do seem to mind. I agree Charles that they could just respond politely and say "not interested". The whole issue with people who have accounts but are not subscribed and can't read or send messages is another issue.

CM Staff: please figure out a way (as asked many times before on other threads) to indicate who are subscribed members and who are not. I've only been on for a week but already this frustrates me.

I am new too but I have noticed that it takes some time. Maybe some are shy or want to check out your comments in the Forums to become comfortable replying/feel they know you a little. I equate everything with dancing but it is the same at dances with new faces. It takes awhile and then all of a sudden there are a lot of requests for dances. I think a lot of guys move slowly.


I think lots of guys remember the single scene of their early dateing years. If you asked one girl to dance sitting at a table with other girls and she refused it was as though the rejection came from all the girls. What a bummer. Mature ladies are are more accomadating and polite and I like em!

Dec 6th 2012 new


(Quote) John-132457 said: Well, I can't speak for "all". But, to play devil's advocate, does every guy you...
(Quote) John-132457 said:

Well, I can't speak for "all". But, to play devil's advocate, does every guy you smile at, get up to cross the room and say hello? At its most basic, an emote is no more than that. That said, I reply to most emotes that include some sort of message. If it's just an empty emote I might not respond.


You have a point John but at the same time if a person smiles at you, you smile back. For e it is a question of common courtesy. If someone doesn't respond I don't take it to heart, in fact it teaches me the type of person they may be.

I find it really surprising when you emote or write people that have been on the forums for whatever reason and that they don't write back. I tend to look at their posts in a different way after that. One can talk the talk but can they walk the walk scratchchin shhh Especially if they have been here a while, I then no way they may be still here. Not all but some of them. (This is a general statement and not mean for you John but an observation that I and others have experienced.)

Dec 6th 2012 new
Non-responses have to be taken lightly. I think probably I have received a full spectrum of responses and gestures, both good and not so good from men here. One has to remember that we are not always on the same page at the same time, especially in dealing with people who we are not acquainted with. If I don't receive a response from someone here, I assume that they are busy meeting other fine Catholic woman, or have other things going on in their life, and are not so currently active here.

A non-response from someone may be a bitter pill at times, but we have to remember that some men are not at all used to having women approach them. Even if he likes the idea, he may not have formulated a way to respond.

Think of it this way: email and online situations are easy to get into and out of. Think of that on and off switch on your tv, and how easy it is to use. We simply do not have one's full bodily attention via email and online, so we cannot invest our full heart into it. On the flip-side, we may meet people that we would not have otherwise ever met!

What is so much more difficult, is a non-response in person!

e.g., when your neighbor doesn't return a short greeting.
Dec 6th 2012 new

A quick smile to me is a signal to continue the conversation if I also like what I see. carl..........................................................................

if a gal responds to your profile with a smile, you say it would be a signal she is interested, why do you then say, you will continue the conversation IF you like what your see... are you ending it by no conversation or a remark about not being interested.? i think this when the lack of manners show.......................................... helen

Dec 6th 2012 new

(Quote) Meg-920823 said: So, do men on CM mind receiving the first communication (a smiley face or rosary) from a woman? If ...
(Quote) Meg-920823 said:

So, do men on CM mind receiving the first communication (a smiley face or rosary) from a woman? If he looked at my profile and didn't send me a gram but I look at his and would like to communicate, is that horribly forward?? I am traditional and wouldn't ask a guy out but, with this site the gram seems casual enough to indicate interest either as a friend or maybe more.


Nothing wrong with expressing interest...we like it. Sometimes, it makes my day.

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