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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Dec 3rd 2012 new

My main comment:

My parents keep getting smarter as I get older.

My dad readily admits my mother is smarter than he is on most things - then says, "Who else could I trust to raise smart children and keep me in line?" She has a bachelor's degree and he has an associate's. That said, he has always been the main supporter of our family; after he retired from the Air Force after 18 years, he went back to school and got the associates.

Side note as a history geek: Some of the effects perceived to be feminism may actually be side effects of society's industrialization; depersonalization in general has huge effects on society as a whole. Just a thought. When people cease to be people, many things change.

Dec 3rd 2012 new

(Quote) Rose-921185 said: While I asknowledge that this is a problem that needs to be addressed in out modern cultu...
(Quote) Rose-921185 said:

While I asknowledge that this is a problem that needs to be addressed in out modern culture, I find that Fox article really inflammatory (as already said) and even misogynous (even though it was written by a woman). There is more written elsewhere that better discusses the problem and in more respectful terms for both genders. There is a lot I want to say but I will keep my comments short (I don't have all day to be on the forums).

Gayle (above) brought up some good points about how women changed BECAUSE of men and not so much the other way around. Many women have been forced to take on tradtionally male roles as the males themselves were avoiding them. I have previously studied some feminist teachings and there were 4 general waves of Feminism that occurred, some with good results, as women were often oppressed in the past (the right to vote gotten by the suffragettes being a good example). There were also some radical ideas that took things much too far (the sexual revolution and contraception, to name 2). I tried to google the article I read awhile back on a Catholic blog but can't seem to find it now. In my years growing up, I unfortunately have known a few men that have shirked their responsibilities due to a selfish nature, causing their wives and daughters to pick up the slack.

I don't believe and educated or working woman needs to be an intimidation to a man. There can be many benefits to the family from this as well. That said, many women would like to stay home with the kids when needed as long as the man is able to provide for the family. Her education can be helpful in educating her children. The fact that this "pisses men off", whether true or not, shows an immaturity on the part of those men who feel that way. It doesn't have to be a competition, as argued, but can be a compliment to the man's achievements, encouraging him in doing better. I am educated and plan to do advanced studies soon. I want to use the talents God gave me in a way that I hope pleases Him. I have met only a few men that this has bothered, but I think that is God's way of telling me that these are not the right potential husbands for me. Another thing, if you look at a lot of the women saints who lived in previous centuries, many were accomplished women who have achieved much (whether cloistered nuns or not). It wasn't only the men that God used to for the great moments in history. Men should be encouraged to take on their leadership roles, but they need not feel threatened when some women are given the same. As long as we are following God's will (admittedly not many of us do, it's more like our own wills), great things will happen that are according to His plan.


Sorry for the typos (my computer auto-corrected).

While I asknowledge that this is a problem that needs to be addressed in OUR modern culture, ...

I don't believe AN educated or working woman needs ...

Dec 3rd 2012 new

(Quote) Stephen-725391 said: Here's the article ladies - Are you among the enemy?
(Quote) Stephen-725391 said:

Here's the article ladies - Are you among the enemy?


This is the third thread started on this topic in as many weeks... Consequently, I am going to lock this one..You may continue discussion in one of the other threads.. Though not sure why you'd want to, since all this kind of thread does is create more divisiveness..

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