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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Dec 8th 2012 new

Chin up, young person! You're going to keep hearing 'no' until you get the 'yes' that counts. Don't give up; God gave you the desire for family - just wait and see how He will fulfill that desire!

Dec 8th 2012 new

(Quote) Tara-916865 said: Most of us ask the same questions you do. We just accept that we won't understand, and we try to keep...
(Quote) Tara-916865 said: Most of us ask the same questions you do. We just accept that we won't understand, and we try to keep hope. :/ it's not just you.

Well said! I ask the same question. I have just figured that some men think that I am not what they want.... wink

If you browse the forum, you will see lots of women here collectively.... questioning if they should JUST let the guy make the first or first few moves.....

Dec 8th 2012 new

Hi Jeff! wave I read your profile and from what I've read you seem like a really nice guy. biggrin

You sound like a lovely person. I would be delighted to meet you. wink Though...the long distance could be a problem. scratchchin

theheart Dove cookiemonster United States Flag santahat

Dec 9th 2012 new

Hey Jeff, please take this as lightly as possible, but, I've actually messaged you a few times in the last couple of years. I've never got one response back from you. Not even a simple smile "thanks". And because of that I've always thought [in regards to you] what's wrong with me?

Nature of the game, I guess.


Dec 9th 2012 new

Hi Jeff!

Your profile caught my fancy enough awhile back that I sent you a message! wink So no problem there and no problem with your looks either. Only two other things I can think of: 1. It's not time... or 2. Your caught up in a shopping list of what you want in a woman rather than building relationships with women. (Please, no offense meant! Just being direct as requested.) Prayers! hug Praying

Dec 9th 2012 new

Hi Jeff,

I looked at your profile, too. Seems okay to me. Hang in there!

Dec 9th 2012 new

Jeff - I took a look at your profile and I see nothing wrong with it. I would recommend that you update your scrapbook pictures every few months to keep it current, showcase yourself and your interests. You are still young, so don't get discouraged. Be patient!

Dec 9th 2012 new
Jeff, you have such a great profile, cannot see anything wrong with it. Surprised I have not come across it before;) (not patronising you at all, just stating the truth). If I may offer a hint, are you targeting the right profile of women, from your profile it looks like you are ready to start a family and that's why you are on CM. Most importantly, in times of doubt and waiting, call upon the grace of God and rely on Him 100 percent, trusting He will grant you the desires of your heart. She is probably looking at your profile right now:)
Dec 9th 2012 new

hey jeff, if I can offer any advice, don't let your profile go stale, you took a month off, what has changedin that month that you may be able to update your profile with? Women like to see that things are fresh an new, this is just a suggestion. and with any advice you can take or leave it. Just keep your chin up and your head down and keep the faith!

Dec 9th 2012 new

Well she was wrong because the first thing you look for is honesty and she wasn't

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