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This room is for supportive and informative discussion about divorce and/or the annulment process. All posters must have been previously divorced or annulled.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod is patron of dysfunctional families & Saint Fabiola obtained a divorce from her first husband prior to devoting her life to charitable works.
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Dec 17th 2012 new

fluffy I'm with telling as little as possible nowadays. I started the whole dating game by just plunerooing right into the pool right around when my divorce was final. I have since been on a few (read well over 40 since April) dates with different people to see what is out there and how things work since I was in a 15 year relationship.

I have learned that it is not worth my investing the time to tell too much to anyone, unless that person becomes a good friend, not just a guy. You wind up investing too much of yourself. It can also be a lot of time wasted, because if you realize that things aren't going to work out after a short time, you have wasted time and energy telling and/or explaining yourself.

I don't even really have the motivation to discuss my personal life or issues with new guys anymore. I have enough people who have earned my trust who know me. As far as I am concerned, anyone new will take the time to get to know me, and vice versa. If I am important and special to someone, I know that person will take the time to learn about me over time, and if he doesn't have that kind of patience and endurance, he just isn't for me anyway. A want a rock not a pebble. A rock is solid over a long period of time, just like the person who will be right for me angel . Pebbles just float away, on down the stream.

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