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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Dec 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Debbie-584463 said: William,Kindly explain what "women like that" means, just hoping for clarifica...
(Quote) Debbie-584463 said:


Kindly explain what "women like that" means, just hoping for clarification, thanks. You are young , you haven't yet experienced all the good and bad life has to offer. Do not assume that we older women no longer have the desire to be loved just as your age does.

If you are still single 20 years from now, and (if you desire marriage I hope you will find that ) you may find that your enthusiasm for helping and being single is tested, with aging you may experience it can bring job loss, health issues, elder care issues ........not so easy to just get out and help to keep your mind off it.

I have been volunteering with Catholic agencies and the church for longer than you have been alive. I have a terminal illness , lost my job, family all deceased, very difficult to find someone who wants to cope with that........which is why all I do is trust in Him.

I appreciate your enthusiasm but at your age life (not for everyone of course) is only beginning........Peace and many Blessings to you.


Listen to Debbie here who is dealing with illness that is terminal and who has many losses she is carrying but is carrying ON. thanks debbie for sharing this.

I read the sadness pewople here are sharing when they look at people at mass and see families. I know what you mean. I think I feel tempted to be sad at mass sometimes too. It used to be worse. I feel like God has been filling me up over these years and I cope with it better. Part of my joy comes from knowing all of YOU SINGLES HERE! THIS is because I USED to go to mass, look around and wonder WHERE are the single people? I NO LONGER do that. I know where you are. HERE!

Honestly, It takes time in life to feel better if these things we desire do not come to fruition. I promise that God is holding these crosses we bear OF BEING SINGLE and HE is trying to speak to us daily! Now I have to get myself into Adoration ASAP to go listen- or just listen when I am alone too. (Or with others).

I will pray for everyone who has admitted sadness here . A lot of new people on the forum are really hurting. Praying

Dec 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Michael-780154 said: Michael, I don't doubt you are doing your best and my best to you, be ope...
(Quote) Michael-780154 said:


I don't doubt you are doing your best and my best to you, be open minded, you may meet your special friend in church or it could be in a park, library, or a carwash, or a waiting room at the dentist!!!!
God has a sense of humor and your personal relationship with Him is all He wants. I totally do understand your desire for a mate, I have learned to let no one discourage me in this desire that He has placed in my heart, and your's as well, as it and always has been; hug about you and Him, not you and them.

Many Blessings,

Debbie hug rosary

Clair, good Heavens! ;-) Politics aside... I'm happy to do for myself. Shift work makes it tough. Will consider doing what I can to start a church singles' activity, probably a running club open to all, regardless of my unusual hours.


Dec 12th 2012 new

Michael, I would disagree that CRHP is for marrieds. I absolutely loved it and made incredible friends through that ministry. Most ARE married, but that doesn't mean I feel "left out." It's all in the attitude you bring to it. There are women of all ages in my group from the 20s to the 70s, single/married/widowed/divorced, and we don't have any trouble relating to and helping each other.

Hang in there! Pray for God to reveal how to use the gifts He gave you to further His Kingdom, and to be open to what He has for you. It's hard not to get discouraged, but that reflects a lack of faith in the power and sovereignty of God--He can do ANYthing! wink Praying

Dec 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Michael-780154 said: Ah, the weekly reminder of being single hits home yet again as I sought to be faithful today by...
(Quote) Michael-780154 said:

Ah, the weekly reminder of being single hits home yet again as I sought to be faithful today by attending Sunday mass. Lots of beautiful, but married, women complete with more than one baby and a husband. Not one single SINGLE Catholic woman to be found.

Does the Church not recognize that there is a problem here? As a new Catholic, struggling to STAY Catholic, I've got to say that the church puts married people and children on a level that seems near God-like while at the same time seeming to do not a whole lot to help those of us who are single.

Christ Renews His Parish... largely a married person's affair, That Man Is You also a married man's affair, and mass seems to be chock full of everyone except 20-40 year old single people.

Nice to know so many others have someone to come home to and share a life with. <pout> I'm not seeing much support for singles at my church, and suspect this is a common problem within the Church here in the southeast. Sitting through mass today broke my heart, though I know the eternal reward and "bigger picture" make it worthwhile, attendance simply reinforces that the good ones are long gone and I'm on my way out of the picture at nearly 40.



You are not alone... obviously we are all in the same boat! I tell ya what... perhaps you should pray about whether or not the Holy Spirit is using you to generate singles events in your area! I am sure that you are not the only single Catholic within an hours drive of you in the age group of 20-65. Talk to your priest and see what if anything could be done to host a singles event. I happen to know via the meet up room that there is a singles event avaible. It might be a good skeleton for you to utilize in presenting the idea to your priest. You could sell him on the idea of intorducing all these folks so as to promote even more healthy, faithfilled families, that will then support the church! Perhaps refocus your energy on helping others connect with each other and God may reward you in the end. If none of this sounds feasible to you... perhaps consider looking beyond your local aread for a good catholic woman. I'm not sure what you are looking for but there seems to be a fairly large crop of Catholic women here looking for good men! Good luck and God bless. I will see if I can get you thei info about the even that I am referring to for you to consider using as an example in YOUR area!

Dec 12th 2012 new

(Quote) Michael-780154 said: Cat, Your points are well taken. I have indeed been asked to start a running gr...
(Quote) Michael-780154 said:


Your points are well taken. I have indeed been asked to start a running group and/or a Bible study at my parish. The running group would be a great fit for my gifts, but I work rotating shifts. Trying to overcome my "clock" being thrown off by odd hours make it difficult to do a whole lot of extra... and participating in regularly-scheduled events is a non-starter. (How many Christ Renews His Parish and That Many Is You meetings have I missed lately...?) My work schedule changes often, so throws a wrench into things. In a number of years from now, I'll promote out of this, perhaps, but for the forseeable future rotating shifts are reality.

I missed the Ministries Fair because of work. Augh!!

So... the situation is a little complex than just simple motivation. The desire is there, but I just can't take on responsibility for an endeavor that requires my routine presence.


--hide-- is the meet up event I was referring to to consider duplicatng.

Hi! I'm so excited to announce that my friends and I have finalized our event that will take place in the coming weeks. It's called Spoke-N-Word. It's a series of conversations on single life and the blessed sacrament.

This event will take place the first five Mondays of the new year at San Jose Catholic Church Community Center (2435 Oak Crest Ave) in Austin from 7pm-9pm. Our speakers are amazing!Please message me to RSVP. This is a free event.

Topics include:

Holiness & Prayerfullness for Singles January 7

Discernment & Service January 14

Loneliness vs. Solitude January 21

Theology of the Body January 28

Self Image & Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with Praise & Worship February 4

Dec 12th 2012 new

Hi Again Michael,

I know you are doing your best, no doubts about that. I do wish you blessings and peace on your journey. I don't let anyone discourage me and my desire for a mate. People don't know what God's will is for your life. It isn't about them anyway, it is and has always been about you and Him!!!!!

I trust Him as He has placed this desire in my heart and will oneday fulfill it or take the desire away. He has a good plan for you too!!!


Debbie rosary

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