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Dec 11th 2012 new
True social justice doesn't involve a hand-out -- it calls for a hand-up -- to help people make it on their own.

Dec 12th 2012 new

I have found that you can help those in need by just opening up your eyes around you and seeing whose in need. There are people in my life who don't own a car, whether because they are handicaped, can't afford one, etc. Just giving those people a ride to the store or an event is helpful. Looking out for he elderly people in our lives too especially those who have little money or social contact.
I think we have become to comfortable with our lives. I think we get distracted in life thinking its about being us always having fun and being entertained. We can forget about others too easily.
I have learned that only Christ's love can satisfy my hungers in life and the times I have allowed Him to do that I am more willing to sacrifice time and energy to serving others. May God help and inspire all of us to reach out more to others.

Dec 17th 2012 new

(Quote) David-820720 said: Hello everyone,I just wanted to throw this out there. Maybe I'll get beat up for ...
(Quote) David-820720 said:

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to throw this out there. Maybe I'll get beat up for it, maybe I won't. I am asking all Catholics this question with all the sincerity that I can muster. With the election over (thankfully) I am appalled at the travesty of both political parties completely ignoring the poor. As a psychologist, I work with people with severe mental illness and addiction problems aka the poorest of the poor. It's my job week in and week out. Still I don't hear anything about it from my fellow Catholics. Oh sure, they give me a pat on the back, but how many of them (and how many of you) would serve these people, go to where I work, and--shocker here--get out of your nice neighborhoods and go the places and households where these people reside. Instead, I hear endless talk about defending life and defending the sanctity of marriage.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm just as pro life and pro traditional marriage as anyone else on this site. In fact I've put my life in jeopardy a few times because of my views (ie I've had weapons pointed at me). How many of you can claim that?

Here's my question and my challege: Will you help the least of us in this advent season? Will you step out of the ranks of safety and dare to help someone or a family in need? 12 years ago I was almost a Fransiscan friar and we were trained to look at the poor as Christ coming into our lives. Do you?

My Knights of Columbus Council walks the walk. Several others and I pick up bread, fruit and vegetables every Monday morning from two local supermarkets to be sorted and put into boxes for various needy families in our area. Tomorrow morning, I join three other guys from our Holy Name Society to sort food at my parish's St. Vincent dePaul food bank for distribution to about a dozen and a half families. That will also include Christmas gifts donated by parishioners from our annual giving tree. It is never enough because there are more poor than ever now, but we do what we can.

Dec 17th 2012 new

(Quote) John-220051 said: The only thing I get concerned about when it comes to social justice issues is that they end up being use...
(Quote) John-220051 said: The only thing I get concerned about when it comes to social justice issues is that they end up being used to trivialize core matters of Catholic dogma and the interior spiritual life.

A lot of social-justice Catholics seem to have perverted Catholic social teachings and embraced social-welfare programs that don't address the core issues that keep people poor.

We need to be all of the above Catholics and not those who are conservative on social issues yet neglect the poor or only be liberal on poverty issue while embracing liberalism on matters such as Christ's Divinity, papal authority or family life.
When we deliver food to needy families, politics has no part to play in my view. Many are elderly struggling to get by on a paltry Social Security check, a working single mother with children, etc. We've found a few who were taking advantage of us and remove them from our delivery list. One man was taking advantage of our Pastor by asking for money some years ago and it was pointed out to him. Father's response was that it was between that man and God.

Dec 18th 2012 new

(Quote) John-220051 said: I don't see a correlation between the rebellion of which you speak and social justice advocates. In f...
(Quote) John-220051 said: I don't see a correlation between the rebellion of which you speak and social justice advocates. In fact, it seems the opposite is true. Our own faith is enhanced by our efforts. There's a conscious awareness of the needs of others and a more intense desire to live out the Beatitudes.

>>I'd say a lot of the ones I refer to come from a Liberation Theology approach.

My impression is Liberation Theology is dieing out with the generation that advocated it. It's pretty rare to meet someone under the age of 50 or 60 who is a strong follower.

Dec 19th 2012 new

heart I think the fact that you do that demonstrates love, and that is fabulous.

One of my favorite jobs was teaching first grade in an inner city school. The neighborhood was plagued with gang violence. We (teachers) were once shot at during a gang incident. My ex encouraged me to quit due to the danger, but I only reluctantly so. But, the job was very fulfilling.

Another favorite job was working with parents, teachig them how to teach their 4,5, and 6 year olds in order to prevent recidivism in kindergarten...Kids repeating kindergarten costs the school system quite a bit of money each year. I went to the homes and worked with the parents, meeting them on a weekly basis. Many of these homes were in the poorest neighborhoods, and were at best questionable on safety. Many of my clients had been in jail for a period of time. It was a joy to watch them develop the skils and dedication needed to have a postivie impact on their children's education.

Too many people are unable to say that they honestly even know someone who is hungry. I had students who dug through my trash for food and that is how I found out the household was low on food and helped them to get help. My ex never got my desire to be in that environment day in/day out. Unfortunately, there was a small health issue that caused me to need to step back from my career for a time. I am so glad there are people like you who are willing to be in the trenches helping. That's where God is most present. rosary

Dec 20th 2012 new

Hello David;

I think you may be surprised sometime. I am very compassionate and I teach people with less to offer, what compassion looks like in action. I have worked at a facility for people with varing degrees of mental and physical disabilities. I am not a clinician like yourself, but I support 500 staff with information technology resources. Sometimes all people need is not a audible reminder, but a visual reminder. I began a project last Christmas called Cookies Without Borders. My goal was to break down barriers and stigmas attached to our population so that we could raise awareness and comfort level with our individuals in the community and work towards integration. The cookies have gone over famously, and the residents and all staff alike are very happy to participate.

They're just cookies. But they have had a huge impact on the lives of everyone we come in contact with. We call it active treatement. I bet if you came up with something equally engaging you would be surprised at just how much support you would get. I will keep you and your individuals in my prayers. father passed away in 2004 from his lifestyle of addiction. Ever since I have kept a keyring from NA with me at all times to remind myself to pray for those with addition and talk candidly with people who ask about it. I couldn't save my father, but I can spread the word about how awful it is to be trapped in yourself with no control. And Pray. Prayer never hurt.

Dec 21st 2012 new

Hi, David. I am a Teaching Assistant at a local, inner city Catholic school. Every day, I work with a population that struggles economically, academically, and spiritually. Most are Latino, and many first-generation in this country. Every day, I work with kids who are without coats in cold weather, without breakfast before school, and some without parents, staying with extended family, friends, or foster care. There is a high turnover of students as they move frequently from place to place, but most of our faculty and staff have been around for a long time. Our catechesis and behavior expectations follow a high standard, as does the Sacred Liturgy. We are supported by a number of parishes and a phenomenal pastor. It is a struggle, sometimes a huge struggle, with some of these very tough kids, but well worth our efforts. It is truly a mission school providing Catholic education to the poor, and many such schools are closing.

I have chosen this work because it brings me closer to Christ, through these students. If you could see their faces, hear their voices, as they sang for a local nursing home today... If you think I'm boasting, you're right. I am. But like St. Paul, my boast is in Christ. I love my job.

Men, if you're looking for a wealthy socialite career-woman, here's a secret - I am not it. shhh laughing

Feliz Navidad. santahat

Dec 21st 2012 new
There are all kinds of ways of ministering to the poor. I don't go to shelters or food banks to help ( YET) but I have 2 teenage boys still living at home and, though I'm gone working on weekends, I'm home all week. Most of my sons friends come from lower income homes and the parents aren't home after school. All their friends come over here. It can be a madhouse with a house full of loud high school kids, sooo loud! But I always remind myself that when they are here they have a God loving mom available at all times. They all call me mom and know they can talk to me about anything. I know that when they are here no drugs are being used, no vandalism is happening and no babies are being made. We can be of service to others, poor or not, simply by opening our homes and being available.p
Dec 21st 2012 new

I have voluteered 3-4 hours each Tuesday (for about 8 years now) at the Auburn (California) Interfaith Food Closet.


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