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Dec 11th 2012 new
Praying rosary rosary theheart
Dec 11th 2012 new


You have a very loving and giving soul. I wonder how many others in CM would be willing to make this personal sacrifice? Stay connected since you will have to be careful about exposure to others during the winter flu season and the other medical instructions you will have. I wish you a speedy recovery and Blessed Christmas.

theheart rosary

Dec 11th 2012 new

David thank you for being generous. Why not stay around when your recovering. Spend time in the forums. God Bless

Dec 11th 2012 new


May God bless & take care of you for having such a generous heart for others. theheart

If at all possible, stay here on CM for the support & love people will extend to you! It will

help you to recover knowing there are people that care.

In the meantime during Christmas, may the christ child give you many blessings, and

the New Year bring you much happiness. You'll be in my prayers.

Agnes hug wave

Dec 11th 2012 new


Dec 11th 2012 new

God bless you , David. You are doing an awesome thing that requires much sacrifice. I'll be praying for you.


Dec 11th 2012 new

(Quote) David-44807 said: Due to the time of year and my subscription runs out in December and I will be going under the kni...
(Quote) David-44807 said:

Due to the time of year and my subscription runs out in December and I will be going under the knife to donate lissing tissue to some people. I will not be able to date or go to events. It will take a long recovery from the tisue and organ donations for me to heal. I wish all a great time here and may you have a happy new year in your search.


David, thank you for your kindness and generosity. It sounds like you will have a long recovery and may even be bedridden. Why don't you rethink allowing your subscription to run out and stay online with us here at CM. We would love to hear reports from you on your recovery and then we would have an opportunity to encourage you during your healing process. Also, you know these threads can be pretty entertaining and might even be better than TV sometimes (though other times, you can almost see the smoke signals...but even so it is never dull). Just a thought I hope you will consider.

God bless you in your recovery. Praying hug wave

- Elizabeth

Dec 11th 2012 new

theheartHello David:

I will keep you in prayer and may you continue to be blessed.....

Take Care,


Dec 11th 2012 new

oh my!!!! I just joined. Dont go!!!!! everyone will want to know how you are doing!!!!!!! dont go !!!!! I once offered to be a bone marrow donor, is this the same thing? Paris

Dec 12th 2012 new

Bless You...... theheart

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