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Dec 13th 2012 new

I wish you the best until you return! Hope you have a speedy recovery after such a selfless act!

Dec 13th 2012 new

A most generous gift during this Christmas season.

May our loving God bless you abundantly and keep you in his loving arm during your recuperation..

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND MAY YOU REGAIN GOOD HEALTH, A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR as a humble servant of Christ for a humble sacrafice for others.

Hope you remain on CM as a way to continue socialize as a way to cheer you up during your recuperation and keeping you in our prayer.

Dec 15th 2012 new

You will be blessed for your generosity! Wishing you all the best and quick recovery, David!

Stay with us and let us know how things are developing and above all, all our CM-family prayers Praying will strengthen you wave

Dec 16th 2012 new

(Quote) David-44807 said: Due to the time of year and my subscription runs out in December and I will be going under the kni...
(Quote) David-44807 said:

Due to the time of year and my subscription runs out in December and I will be going under the knife to donate lissing tissue to some people. I will not be able to date or go to events. It will take a long recovery from the tisue and organ donations for me to heal. I wish all a great time here and may you have a happy new year in your search.

God bless you for your generous and selfless care for others. I pray you have a speedy recovery. Come back to CM when you're done healing. theheart

Dec 16th 2012 new
God bless you, David. theheart Praying rosary Praying the everything goes well.
Dec 16th 2012 new

You get a Gold Star!I hope you'll stay and serve as a reminder of true courage to us all. theheart

Dec 16th 2012 new

What you are doing is so touching, giving a part of yourself. I join our Brothers and Sisters in Christ through CM to say that you will stay while you are recovering. Should your decision to end (I hopeTemporarily) your subscription to CM. You can count on me to join our CM members to pray for your succesful donation of yourself. ( both the giver and the reciever). And may God will hasten both of you in your recovery. And make you truly a Blessing to each other. God Bless.

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