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Take It All!

Dec 14th 2012 new
Usually, I don't watch TV because of the trash on it. Last night, I happened to peak at NBC's new game show "Take It All!" hosted by Howie Mandell. Reality TVs and game shows rarely bother me but this one really does. Contestants lie, cheat, and steal each other's prizes to "take it all" for themselves. What a sad society that anyone would be entertained by these kinds of action not to mention the brainwashing mentality this show is promoting among our youth to lie, cheat, and steal (it is only a game) at the expense of another person!

Seriously, if you are my friend and you go on this show and win big prizes or money, I would honestly have to look into your eyes and say to you: "Take your money and get lost. If you are that kind of person, I seriously don't want you as a friend." That's how bad this show is! what good is it to win all that money and in the end losing all the good friendships? I hope and pray that it will be off the air soon! I'm going to drop the producer a note soon!
Dec 16th 2012 new

The Simpsons and Family Guy are even worse because they are on and aimed at children with so many bad examples. Even the commercials advertising them are bad examples that "sneak in" between the shows that are good for children. Try watching the ME(Memorable Entertainment)network. TV from the 50-60 era when the FCC controlled the morality of programming before the "V" chip.

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