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Feb 8th 2013 new

(Quote) Gary-836455 said: Another quote from Jesus makes a better anaology of heaven in my way of thinking... "the king...
(Quote) Gary-836455 said:

Another quote from Jesus makes a better anaology of heaven in my way of thinking... "the kingdom of God is at hand". (OK, I know this is out of context, but hey, it works for me...) Where God is, there is heaven. If you have Christ in your heart, you have the opportunity to be Christ to others, you have the opportunity to make a heaven on earth for someone, right here, right now. I always wonder about people who say they cant wait to go to heaven when they die. Why are they waiting until they die?

I think Dante said it second best... "the mind can make a heaven of hell or hell of heaven".


Then my thoughs would be why did the Father send his beloved Son "Immanuel" and "Jesus". Pondering about the Tabernacle, Adoration, and Eucharist isn't that not Holy and Heavenly! Are we not then in Heaven, but on earth for a purpose, "GOD's will be done"?

Feb 8th 2013 new

(Quote) Genie-920495 said: Nilda that is tremendously beautiful of explanation... One thing is the labor of our love on eart...
(Quote) Genie-920495 said:

Nilda that is tremendously beautiful of explanation... One thing is the labor of our love on earth that one has yet explain to me as individuals for oneself. My thought is when the rich man wanted to go back and tell his brother, but also where the saints are as our role model here on earth but also being able to intercede on our behalf in Heaven. Maybe it is not so much place but the labor of love that will make the difference. Just something to contemplate.

Thanks, Genie. hug theheart

Feb 8th 2013 new

THank you for that great explanation and beautiful quotes.

Feb 8th 2013 new
What about the story in the Scriptures about the man going off to obtain the kingship, then entrusting his talents to his three servants: one of them five, another two, another one. The king returns to find out what has happened with his talents. I am not a theologian, but suppose we use the man going off as Christ, then the man's return as that of Christ. Surely then, the servants, with their difference in talents also has an analogy.

Notice that there are differences of number between them.

This does seem to suggest that there will be differences among the blessed in heaven and that we will not all behold God in His glory equally.
Feb 8th 2013 new

Heaven is a totally different dimension of existence, unlike anything we can understand or describe. Let's live so as to merit heaven and find out what it's all about when we get there.

Feb 12th 2013 new

Suppose once we leave here we do not have the privilege or access to use all the gifts: receive the Eucharist, confession, anointing of the sick, Holy Bible, say the rosary, offer Mass for our beloved, etc. Then what do we do? How will our love ones know or us be able to communicate our needs in the afterlife? Why then did the Blessed Mother give the prayer to pray for the souls in purgatory and for us to the children? Why did Jesus give St. Faustina to pray for the sould in purgatory? If we wait until we get there why do they ask us to pray for the souls? Just thoughts to understand GOD's will here and in the afterlife... like to understand your thoughts...

Feb 15th 2013 new

I'm a Dantean myself, but your "many rooms" analogy is interesting. Though I'm not sure about your bottom few sections. It seems like you're lumping Hell and Purgatory into Heaven. . .

I might revise this to put the last 5 sections all in the "basement" area. . . perhaps make purgatory the stairwell that leads from the basement to the lobby? After all, nowhere is it said that non-believers, members of other religions, or the amoral are in Heaven (though like you, I should like to think virtuous nonbelievers get a pass and aren't suffering through all eternity, theologically unsupported though that theory is).

Just remember: the church believes in Hell and in Purgatory for a reason. We can't ignore them just because they're unpleasant to think about.

Feb 21st 2013 new

Analogy of Heaven is not stick or stone since I do not know, but then Nilda explains that Heaven consist of many rooms... the analogy is to think what might set each room or place to what we accumulate while we are on our earthly pilgrimage, but not only those who remain behind do for us or if we leave our will for the Church (i.e. memorial mass for us, say rosary, light a candle, submit our name during Soul month, etc...)

Reason I left purgatory out, it is our baptism in Heaven to release our soul to each specific room depending on what we have accumulated ~ fullness of the Church or by prayers of the faithful. I maybe wrong since it so hard for me to grasp what the Blessed Mother message in Fatima and Jesus to St. Faustima on praying for the suffering and forgotten souls.

This maybe repetition but it so important for me to understand where or how I can change to make a difference in my pilgrimage to Heaven, thus your input is imperative to me.

May the Blessed Mother and our Loving God bless you abundantly on your pilgrimage.

Feb 28th 2013 new

rose theheart I am totally mixed-up/confused regarding the Holy Bible. Is it the Living Word of God, Wisdom of God, be Faithful to the Gospel, and then before the reading of the Gospel do the sign of the cross on our forehead, lips and heart? But then I hear do not take things literally or err to what is said. Then again I hear read something, reflect, and meditate.

When I wrote about the Analogy of Heaven it is for me to comprehend the enormous complexity of my journey/pilgrimage to the promised land of milk and honey. I hear how we are saved and go straight to Heaven. However, for me I am troubled by this, Job "Man's life on earth is a temptation." What gives me the right even Jesus dying so I be saved and go straight to Heaven. Jesus life is preaching, praying, suffering, and dying.

When I participate/glance at the Station of the Cross the enormous journey that Christ undertook to give and open the gates of Heaven and being saved am I really entitled or did I really earned that privilege. Of course not, even given the Church indulgence or all the Heavenly treasures I would still feel the need to go to purgatory to cleanse my soul to prepare it to be worthy to my loving Blessed Mother and God.

Analogy of Heaven is only a foolish thought not necessarily applicable because there so many consideration to take into account as Nilda pointed out. Reminds me of not to take and sit until I am offer the seat in case it was reserve for someone more worthy. Then I also have to remind myself of the generous mercy of God to all souls since He only knows us and formed us.

Then my other question would be the Church indulgence and reconciliation/confession, which I don’t know if I receive it and how it will play in my soul. This world of ours is so tempting with temptation that it is so difficult to avoid the indulging as I am a mere human/mortal. Again, I have difficulty not to avoid purgatory the need for me to purge all the my transgression in my life and to form me to be worthy to sit at the place God has chosen for me. rosary rose

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