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Dec 17th 2012 new

(Quote) Angie-70288 said: Green dresses are cruel...
(Quote) Angie-70288 said:

Green dresses are cruel...

With a million dollars, you could buy any color dress you want....

PS -- I didn't write the darn song..... laughing

Dec 17th 2012 new

(Quote) Ray-566531 said: With a million dollars, you could buy any color dress you want.... ...
(Quote) Ray-566531 said:

With a million dollars, you could buy any color dress you want.... ...


- depending on the store. smile

Dec 17th 2012 new

(Quote) Kevin-40666 said: - depending on the store.
(Quote) Kevin-40666 said:

- depending on the store.

You could probably buy the store and stock the color dresses you wish.....

Dec 17th 2012 new

This is obviously a rhetorical question but I'm treating it as to what I would do with a million dollars.

If I had a million dollars I would open a firm of my own and do mostly pro bono work for the rest of my career for fun and the good of helping others. Of course to maintain an income I'd have to have some paid projects since a million dollars is no longer enough for a lifetime.

It's not about how little or how much money one has---it's about what one does with that money and the gifts that God gave them.

Dec 17th 2012 new

rolling eyes I am positive that a million dollars would do absolutely nothing to either attract me or turn me off.

wink Money is a great tool for here on earth. It can be useful and solve a few of the more mundance problems we might have. It can also give us choices that we might not otherwise have, like choices for our kids' education, or choices in edical care, or even what kinds of clothes are car we drive. Having choices is nice. I don't think it has to detract at all from our relationship with God.

But all too often, people get really greedy. The problem is that people who have some money then want more and more. Or people get really wrapped up in the things that money can buy rather than seeing it as another tool to do God's will.

Dec 18th 2012 new

Only real green dresses are cruel :) Maybe I'll buy myself a nice Chesterfield...or an Ottoman

Dec 18th 2012 new

(Quote) Jacob-203775 said: Hello All, If I had a million dollars, would this attract suitable women or the wrong sort, ( eg. Gold d...
(Quote) Jacob-203775 said: Hello All, If I had a million dollars, would this attract suitable women or the wrong sort, ( eg. Gold diggers!) if I had all the wealth in the world, would another be attracted just because of this? To have what they don't, material wealth? If I had the True Faith and God which has an infinite ( unlimited) immortal ( forever) value, Why is it so hard to attract? Do we hide it? Why is this? Are people only thinking materially? Have people actually thought of the fact, that by believing in God,( being baptized) having the True Faith, we become Real Children of God. Jesus Christ is a King, we then, being brothers and sisters of Christ We are Heavenly Royalty, Real princes and princesses. ( Yes, that is right!) As Heavenly Royalty, why is it that we often seek corruptible non- lasting things? Is it that we all really seek and value Love= God ,and the happily everafter in Heaven? Why then do we value what we do? What is your treasure? If you had the a choice between a million dollars and God ( heaven) what would you choose? God bless you all. Jake

The question should be changed to which would you choose a million dollars or a guy who loves God. I don't think any of us would choose a million $ over God.

Just a thought. biggrin

Dec 21st 2012 new
I immediately started singing that song before I opened this thread!

"Haven't you always wanted a mon-KEY?"
Dec 21st 2012 new

laughing laughing can't say I ever did!

Dec 21st 2012 new

If you had a million dollars and flaunted it, then, yes, you would likely attract gold-diggers, Jacob.

As for the real root of this question, I do think that many women out there take great importance in a man's ability and willingness to provide, and not because they are gold-diggers. I don't think it is wrong to take it into consideration how a man has spent his adult life and whether or not HE has taken into consideration a future with a wife and family. Unfortunately, how he has spent his adult life and whether or not he has given suitable thought to a future of family is reflected in his career and income. Would you want a woman who has spent her entire adult life partying and then decided one day she wanted to be married and have children and hadn't spent any time whatsoever (or very little) preparing herself for that role?

For us gals, a man's desire to take care of us is important for a number of reasons and none of them have to do with being materialistic or greedy. A man's desire to provide and take care of a woman is the indicator to how he will treat her as a whole. If he hasn't bothered to make a career and life for himself, how can we ladies expect him to bother to do the things that are important to us? From my experience, these men DO NOT bother.

On the other hand, if a man has worked hard and just doesn't make a whole lot of money because that's how the ball has bounced, then that is acceptable. We want to know that you care enough to be the very best you, and that you want to make us happy and will do what it takes to achieve that. We know cheapskates won't, and we also know men who don't work hard won't, either.

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