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This room is for discussion for anyone who adheres to the Extraordinary form of the mass and any issues related to the practices of Eastern Rite Catholicism.

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Dec 18th 2012 new


I looked at the church

this is the same church just a different website link through the archeparchy's
website (archdiocese)

This church is thoroughly Catholic. it sounds like there might be some
confusion on someone's part.

This church is in the Metropolitan Archeparchy of Pittsburg, PA

Eminence, Metropolitan
Archbishop William C. Skurla, D.D. is
the fifth Metropolitan
Archbishop of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh and head of the Byzantine Catholic
(Ruthenian) Metropolitan Church sui iuris of Pittsburgh, the only
Eastern Catholic Metropolitan Church sui iuris (self-governing) in the
United States. He was enthroned on April 18, 2012 at the Cathedral of St. John
the Baptist in Munhall, Pa.

This bishop reports directly to the the Vatican to the Congregation for Eastern
Churches...he is directly under the authority of the pope and was appointed by the pope/vatican

This bishop is in the Byzantine Ruthenian rite

Where the confusion may lie is that there are other Byzantine rites, such as
the Byzantine Melkite rite. The Melkites have a patriarch who is is not under
the juridical authority of the pope, nor is the melkite patriarch appointed by
the pope. When there is a vacancy in the Melkite church, the Melkite elector
bishops come together in conclave and elect a new patriarch when upon
assumption of his new office as patriarch sends a letter to the pope announcing
his election and extending further communion with the Pope. In no wise needing
the pope's approval or authorization but as a brother to a brother. The Melkites have done this for centuries and never once has communion been broken, almost 400 years ago they reconfirmed that the melkites and rome had always been in communion, even if rapid communication was not always possible in the days before the telephone. wink

let me know if that helps

so yes you can go to this church and receive communion and any other sacrament as it is a fully in communion catholic church

this church is not in diocese of pittsburgh for the roman catholics but the archeparchy pittsburg for the byzantine ruthenians....two different bishops but when they are in communion with each other.

Dec 18th 2012 new

Thank you for all your work and help!

All I know is that my friend was very upset when her priest said he was not under the Pope and that she made very sure that he truly meant that and she said she was going to have to think long and hard if she would continue going there for all the beauty and richness of the Liturgy when the priest himself didn't feel he was under the Pope. She still goes there, but we have not been close friends for a while -- she has 7 lovely daughters but hasn't taught them to dress modestly at all and I kind of kept away rather than have my daughters influenced to dress so revealingly in ultra minis and lots of cleavage showing -- so I don't know how she decided what to do.

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