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Dec 27th 2012 new
Rachel-- as someone with naturally curly hair, the secret is in the cut. The length depends on your personal preference. Without a good cut by someone who can work with the curls it will be unmngeable no matter the length.(don't let my picture fool you, the straight bit takes time)
Dec 27th 2012 new

Age has nothing to do with it, at least that is my opinion. As someone put it to me I like coloring outside of the lines. Embrace your own style, if you dont like your style nothing stands in your way of changing your style. I cannot help but notice that some people (women and men) just give up when they get into our age range. Just my opinion!

Dec 27th 2012 new

When I go to a hair stylist I tell them basically what I want in length. And then I give them my criteria.... I won't comb or brush my hair, I won't blow dry it, I won't color it (I do wash it!).... after I leave the hair stylist it is without adult supervision, so it has to fall into place. I leave the stylist to do what they want. They know what is in style and how to combine it with what looks good on me. If it turns out horrendous, I wouldn't go back; this hasn't happened to me.

Good luck Rachel! princess

Dec 28th 2012 new

Hi Rachel,

I looked at your pictures, too. Beautiful family!

To the question at hand, I'd say leave it long and curly. You can try a gel or mousse to keep it under control when you wear it down. Layers are good if they're done right; otherwise, your hair will "poof" out.

Find a hairdresser that has experience with curly hair, but don't choose a picture from the hairstyle books; most of those show permed hair, and let me tell you--it's not the same! ( I had curly hair most of my life . . . oh, the stories I could tell! :)



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