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This room is for discussion of sports, non-video games & hobbies! Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or your own personal favorite. Brag about your team and explain why the refs blew the big game! Discuss your passion for Corn Hole, Horseshoes,Texas Hold'em or other games.

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of the playing field.
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How many innings in football?

Dec 21st 2012 new

laughing laughing What are some of the funniest mix-ups of sports terms youve heard? There have to be some out certainly don't want me to swing my 5-iron on your court!

Dec 21st 2012 new

At a baseball game: "When is half-time?"

Jan 27th 2013 new

When I was younger I took my girlfriend to a football game and when the team scored a touchdown she started clapping and cheering and yelling YAY!! Homerun!!! I hugged her, kissed her and started whispering in her ear to explain that a homerun and touchdown were 2 different sports. Was quite funny actually to see the looks on the other fans but we didn't care, her spirit was in the right place.

Jan 27th 2013 new
A female classmate to the "jocks" defense means you have the ball, right? She was top of the class, but not a sports fan.
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