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Dec 23rd 2012 new

Is there any one who has parents with dementia?I have two parents with dementia. The early stages. I have been back east since June 17th. I dont want to move back home . I am happy where I am. I am thankful that I could be there for them but my own life needs a lot of mending now. I really need to go home to keep my sanity. This is the hardest issue I have ever dealt with in my life.

Dec 23rd 2012 new

Hi Stephen! How can I help? I am very familiar with the disease. Chelle

Dec 24th 2012 new

Welcome to the forums Stephen. I've been caring for my Mom with Alzheimer's at home for many years. Feel free to write to me.

Or I can post some resources.

Dec 24th 2012 new

I liked this book best and recommend it:

"What You Need to Know About Alzheimer's" by John Medina, Ph.D. copyright 1999. ISBN 1-57224-127-6

If you aren't able to move back home to your parents. Are you moving them to an assisted living or have other family to help?

Dementia is considered a symptom. So, I'm not sure which disease they have? Alzheimer's is considered the most common but not necessarily the only source of dementia symptoms.

Alzheimer's Association has Message Boards/forums etc:

Dec 24th 2012 new

I will pray for you and your family.

St Dympha, Pray for us

Dec 24th 2012 new
I agree with Andrea. Can you move them to a place next to your home if you do not have any other family to care for them? They need to have constant care because they go wondering on their own and you do not know where they will end up at. You need to have that constant care for their well being. If you don't have family members who can take care of them, by having them close it will give you some peace of mind. At the same time you can work on your solving your issues. Hope it is helpful.
Jan 3rd 2013 new
In addition to insuring that your parents are in a safe environment, you may want to seriously consider that any legal issues addressed. Would they be able to make decisions for each other if something were to happen? Are they still capable of handling their own finances? I thank god everyday that I arranged for my father's will and power of attorney to be updated in early 2011,as he passed away that fall. He too had dementia, but also stage 4 colon cancer.
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