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This room is for those who have lost a spouse and need support or who can provide support to those who have.

Saint Paula is the patron saint of widows and Saint Stephen is the patron saint of deacons
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Jan 5th 2013 new

(Quote) Elizabeth-462557 said: Being a widow is pretty horrible, but I find comfort in the friendships I have ma...
(Quote) Elizabeth-462557 said:

Being a widow is pretty horrible, but I find comfort in the friendships I have made with other widows. Their stories tell me I am pretty normal...which on occasions is a blessed relief. I am an absolute believer in God's is just that patience thing that gives me a bit of trouble. Another nice thing about having friends who are widows is that I feel like I can discuss what I really feel like behind the smiles. For those who have never walked this walk, they just can't understand. I know I never realized what widows and widowers were going through after the dust settled and life was supposed to get back to normal...a normal I now know does not exists.

Oh well, CARPE DIEM!!!....God has great things in store...I just know it!!

- Elizabeth


I kept telling my husband in his final days that "we will be okay." I didn't want him to worry and I had complete faith that if God brings us to it, He'll help us through it. Last night I wanted to call him up and say, "I didn't mean it. You can come back now." If only it were that easy. Today I recognize the grief wave as I get closer to Bob's birthday. I used to tease him that he will always be older than me. In a few years I won't be able to say that.

My reflection for today is that God may "infuse within you a dream that seems far beyond your reach." At times that dream was happiness and normalcy. That no longer feels so far away. Hang in there my friends. We are getting stronger every day. It shows in how we reach out to support each other and how we roll up our sleeves and face the challenges that befall us. I often find myself in good company when I read your words.

Jan 19th 2013 new

Thank You Kathy!
You will be missed here on CM, come back any ol time!

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