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May 13th 2013 new

Article from The Economist on France and Germany:

May 13th 2013 new

(Quote) Michelle-655299 said: I am not sure....I saw a lot of british and russians over in Europe. They seem to be the only ...
(Quote) Michelle-655299 said:

I am not sure....I saw a lot of british and russians over in Europe. They seem to be the only ones able to afford traveling anywhere over there.......I thought to myself, well, maybe I should learn Russian and travel more often to england......I can understand now why england wants to get itself out of the european union.....they got all the money and don't need the european union money....

I also noticed, that the specific countries in europe have lost their "flair" you go into the hotel, the restaurants, and museums....and you all the employees are not specific to that country....For example in Vienna, all the employees in the museums and hotels were russians, lithuanians, and eastern block countries....I just didn't feel the country I was visiting unless I went to a museum and saw historical artifacts....

In my opinion, europe is not what it used to be with the doors opening is a mixed bag, and there is so much unemployment...people are hungry....who knows what will happen...the last time the european economy was this bad in france for example, there was the french revolution....because people were hungry.....

In any case, I won't be going back any time soon....I didn't like the feel.....and the way they look at people eating in restaurants...begging in front of the is feel guilty for eating over all the second hand smoke....I prefer my own country...thank you very much...


From what I understand, the European Union has had mixed results and seems to be tipping very much toward the negative these days. Sure you can travel between borders more easily and you don't have to change money... but, really- has this actually helped? Most would say no. I was in Switzerland last year and they still very much use the Swiss Franc- stores basically only accept the Euro under protest.

The whole "one unit of money" thing and being able to work across borders has actually not helped a lot of countries. The southern countries are eating money from the pot, while the northers are the ones putting it in- you can imagine the frustration for the latter. It's very similar to Canada actually- I could have told them that wouldn't work. The east pretty much lives off the west here.. just like in Europe the south lives off the north.

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