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Jan 12th 2013 new

(Quote) Carrie-529869 said: A partial list of Bush pro-life accomplishments Reinstated Mexico City ...
(Quote) Carrie-529869 said:

A partial list of Bush pro-life accomplishments

Reinstated Mexico City policy

Restricted Federal medicaid funding for RU-486

Appointed several pro-life judges in lower 2 branches of judiciary

Overruled his SecState by appointing a pro-lifer to a U.N. committee on population and refugees, extended health care coverage to poor children by defining those in the womb as children

Saught increased abstinence funding

Opposed human cloning and the destruction of embryos for stem-cell research

Opposes abortion at UN conferences that attempt to force abortion on poor countries

Withheld UNFPA money various times

Signed born alive infant protection act

Signed unborn victims of violence act

Supported child custody protection act and abortion non-discrimination act (so that Catholic hospitals aren't forced by states to perform abortions)

Appointed Dr. Hager to Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee

Pressured Congress to keep military abortion ban

Cracked down on illegally imported abortion drugs

Refused to buckle when pro-abortion Senators held up aide to women in Afghanistan

Threatened to veto spending bills with money for abortion in them causing them to be modified

Made a recess appointment of a judge who was filibustered because he was a pro-life Catholic

Started public service announcements encouraging adoption

Publicly supported his brother and others trying to save Terri Schiavo's life

Weighed the possibility of requiring warning labels on condoms

appointed two pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court.


Thank you for reminding us about the biggest thing Bush should be postively remembered for, and which I think he honestly supported.

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