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Jan 11th 2013 new
(Quote) John-324285 said: (Quote) Jessica-766671 said: I pretty much have the entire movie "The Princess Brid...
(Quote) John-324285 said:

Jessica-766671 said:

I pretty much have the entire movie "The Princess Bride" memorized :)


So do I...

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Jan 11th 2013 new

I can quote Princes bride, Monty python, Space Balls, and Attack of the Killer tomatoes !

Jan 11th 2013 new

I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

(.........and I may or may not have cosplayed embarassed )

Jan 11th 2013 new

I love Genealogy and the music I listen to dates back 50-90 years ago!

Jan 11th 2013 new
(Quote) Laura-695247 said: Spill it. Ok, I collect stamps.
(Quote) Laura-695247 said:

Spill it.

Ok, I collect stamps.

Sorry Laura...I am pleading the fifth! I will just read about you all!
Jan 11th 2013 new

I have quite the collection of fishing lures. Well fishing lures are meant to catch fishermen, aren't they? biggrin

Jan 11th 2013 new

I absolutely love science fiction -- movies and books. I have more sci fi movies than most video stores and my local community library. What I love about science fiction is that it is a veiled way of lookg at our current world, at our worries abt the future, and then a way to play with the future. I mean, when I was a kid, the Dick Tracy comic strip in the paper had Tracy talking to his watch and it was so exotic. Now we take pictures and scan the internet with our cell phones. Science fiction is a great way to play w/possibilities!

So, yeah...I own all the Terminator movies, most of the movies that are based on Phillip K Dick stories (Adjustmt Bueau, Minority Report, the James Cameron movie starring Harrison Ford from the '80s, etc.) And get this, the movies are alphabetized on their own special shelf. eyepopping Now I know this is nerdy, I truly do.

I also am reading the Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction books. I've read several science fiction books from the '70s that were written by women authors, had a feminist slant and were absolutely different ways of looking at the world.

I also love puns and wordplay. Yup, a nerd. faint biggrin

Jan 11th 2013 new

When I played Animal Crossing, the highlight of my week came on Saturdays at 8pm when K.K. Slider came to town with a new song. I even wrote lyrics to one of his songs (Mr. K.K.) about his weekly trips, and can play it on my grandparents' old electronic organ.

Jan 11th 2013 new

I like to watch kiddie shows. laughing lil mikie My favorites are on PBS Kids. heart

Here are some of favorites.....

- Martha Speaks
- Arthur
- Clifford the Big Red Dog
- Bob the Builder
- Sesame Street
- Cyber Chase
- Maya & Miguel
- Angelina Ballerina

cookiemonster hellokitty PacMan

Jan 11th 2013 new
Dorky or just odd?

Collection of things related to my head.

12/21/93  What do you mean the company's insurance doesn't allow me to drive anymore?  It wasn't my fault and I walked out of th

"12/21/93 What do you mean the company's insurance..."

A: CM rules say a head shot or 
B: You've always wished you could look inside a guy's head to see what makes him tick?

"A: CM rules say a head shot or B: You've always ..."

I also kept the mask used to make sure my head was in the exact position for radiation therapy. A collection of hospital cups that were complementary. With that bill they better have been irked

Oddest thing would have to be my sense of humor!
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