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Apr 18th 2013 new

I find that frustrating as well. It seems as though men desire a specific body type, but overlook the personality that fits the profile of their "preferred significant other". Gentlemen, do not dismiss the ladies who have more curves. Never judge a book by its cover. You may be surprised!

Blessings! Kim

Apr 19th 2013 new

Debbie, you were right mostly older man looking a young woman !!! I think older man they want or makes them feel proud of themselves and make them feel young too but some man did not realize that some young girls looking some sugar daddy.

Apr 20th 2013 new

Hi Debbie,
You really have a beautiful soul. Yes, age should not matter. a lot of us men are selfish and vain. Ego problems.
Of course, women have their preferences too but seem more generous on the whole.
Too bad you live so far away. I'd ask you out for coffee! But you might not want to go!!
take care,

Apr 29th 2013 new
(Quote) Mike-639276 said: Hi Michele and gang,I've wondered about some of what you've all written myself and h...
(Quote) Mike-639276 said:

Hi Michele and gang,

I've wondered about some of what you've all written myself and have several thoughts for your consideration & feedback. Before starting, remember sending an email to no reply happens to all of us - I have enough 1st hand experience to say it! The reasons why could include any piece of personal criteria listed in CM.

Do we expect too much from an internet dating site? I mean it should be just one way we may meet a good match right?

I think internet dating raises different expectations and fears vs a casual face-to-face meeting. By being on this site we've all announced our intention of "I'm looking for that someone!" This raises the emotional risk for both - "if I respond he/she must think I'm romantically interested" (almost by definition of being on the site).
Whereas if we meet someone a couple times in the grocery store, talk about being too lazy to cook then "hey lets go to the new restaurant across the street" or see someone a few times at Mass, talk a few times and decide to play a casual round of golf maybe just because you both like golf and have a free afternoon. You've done it the way human beings have done it for years: seen & heard them in person, watched them in real life, talked and got verbal and non-verbal feedback and queues from them AND there were a ton of "fail-safe moments" where if you/they chose to limit your personal engagement, it would happen without having to answer a note to say "You have and interesting profile however..." and come up with an 'uplifting' way to say ya live too far away, different interests, not physically attracted, etc or probably some combo of several.

I think there's some truth to the posts that guys are sometimes looking for younger gals, just as gals are looking for cuter, taller, less/more hairy, etc guys. My criteria is set from my age to 10 below. Here's a couple reasons why, specific to me only: I'm interested in being outdoors running, skiing, playing tennis, softball. I'm far from a super jock, I've just always enjoyed these things so I'm looking for someone who's always had those type of interests to enjoy together. I can't back it up w/statistics but it sure seems like the older we get the less active some of the match profiles tend to be and yes, a physically fit woman is usually more attractive to me.

So if I receive an email or a wink from someone who seems to have significantly different interests waddya do? If I have time, I may email back but don't always have time - and to do a considerate letter does take time. That's why if they're way off from the profile I try to communicate sometimes the best answer is no answer?


Women can be physically active too, even if over 50! As a former distance runner, it was rare that I would ever run with men of any age. If they were active runners, they would run faster, but shorter distances than I would. Let's face it, men are usually physical stronger than women, so they can play harder than women. If they were not in condition, I could easily outrun those men, so usually they would not ask me for a running date again! cloud

It is not only women who are inactive; men fall into this 50's groove as well, especially if they make a habit of drinking alcohol.

So rather than mere chronological age, some people simply lead healthy, active lifestyles, and that may give them the appearance of being younger. But also, some simply look older or younger than one's chronological age.
Apr 29th 2013 new
(Quote) Ronald-937125 said: I agree with you about health over 50 when you look at the stats of people here in the US; most live a...
(Quote) Ronald-937125 said:

I agree with you about health over 50 when you look at the stats of people here in the US; most live an unhealthy lifestyle. I can say for sure that I am healthier this year than I was last year because I have a healthier diet and am associating with people that live a healthier lifestyle. I know some people that will not go to a traditional doctor and will not take prescription drugs because traditional medicine doesn't treat the cause of the problem and is usually a quick fix that might lead to more health problems. I agree that we all like to be with someone healthy but most people can be healthy and active even in their 80's!


This is some smart-thinking! cloud
Apr 29th 2013 new
A good number of persons are reading this thread! The headline caught my eye, but there was yet another immature response to the question.

A man may WANT a woman much younger than himself, but that kind of thinking will not necessarily lead him to a woman who WANTS a man much older than herself.
May 1st 2013 new

My {male gender} opinion is that age doesn't matter in the soul-heart-mind-emotion connection. And since we don't have to worry about the extension of the tribe, and survival of the species at 7 billion-plus, preferences for a partner with an emphasis upon age is ridiculous. It's a real turnoff when someone states, on a website or blog, I want someone between x and y in age. It's a limited way of approaching the world, and the kingdom of souls.

May 3rd 2013 new

I agree that men join catholic match but does bother to even reply, nor take the tests. Filling out a profill doesn't even scrath the surface of a person. Come on want to hear from us but give us nothing to work with. I send messages and receive a bouque of flowers. Nice but not an open and honest reply. Tell your feeling, your likes, your concerns about life. If you were a book we would be happy to read you. But without word our screen is just blank.

Chat rooms are okay but for us new-bees that don't talk about drinks or partys. Just sit and read. Wow what fun, I sign off almost as soon as I enter the room. I think there should be, Topics for each chat room. Let people comment about a topic that interests them and pop in and out of the chat rooms that interest them. And actually talk to several people. Blog questions are great to comment and post. you just cannot converse with a person. That means Q&A's spontainiously. Wow! Almost like being at a party.Remember how is use to be? Well, take this for what its worth, it is just my feeling.


May 19th 2013 new
(quote) Debbie-584463 said: Hi Michele, They want the younger women.

A priest where I am from here in Ontario actually told me this. He said " if you truly want to be married, men just prefer younger women and you should (I was 48 at that time) look for someone 58 and older".

Although personally I believe it equals selfishness, vanity and shallowness. It appears this is the norm with "men". 

I believe that if you truly want real love age shouldn't matter either way.

If you want a younger attractive woman that is exactly what you will reap.

Best wishes in your search.

Peace and Blessings to you.


Well, perhaps the priest was speaking to you from his personal knowledge and generalized what he gains through the confessional. So, it is likely based on what men admit as sins already. Otherwise, how would he know? Of course, he would not hear more positive things from those that do otherwise. So, let's understand at the source of the data.

If this were not the case, then I would say that priest doesn't know what he's talking about. He's generalizing and quite fallible with his conclusion.

Oh, and really, men are the only ones with such tendencies? laughing

May 21st 2013 new
I have read some of the posts in here. Wow. This touched a nerve. When I run my search, I run the age bracket both below and above my own. There are some absolutely beautiful ladies out there that are older. I perused some of the commentary as it pertains to "women with a few more curves". My ex was significantly overweight when we originally met and she gained even more subsequent to our getting married. Didn't bother me a bit. I loved her and she was the light of my world. (I touched on this as well in another blog in here). Once her weight became a serious health threat, it was only then that I stepped in and talked with her about her weight. I let her know that with the onset of the sleep apnea, this was now a life threatening situation and that I didn't want to lose her. I would literally wake up, listen to her stop breathing, and just when I was about to awaken her, she would start again. Not fun. Consequently, she began to watch her diet and little by little, it began to come off. I joined in and supported her in every way. Including stepping in to "work out" when her girlfriend couldn't show up at the house for the workout. I found that I began to lose too. It turned out good for both of us. Except when she got to a point where, I can honestly say, she began to look really hot. I mean really, really beautiful. It's like this whole new person emerged. Then she, I believe, started to think that she could take the "new car" out for a spin. That is just a single facet of our overall situation.

So, when i read commentary about not overlooking those women with a few extra curves, I didn't. But in the end, this still didn't work. Regardless of age, I am placing a certain amount of emphasis in my search for someone that is cute. Doesn't have to be a knockout, but cute. I just can't go through that again.
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