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Aug 30th 2013 new
Luanne - it seems to me that there are lots more older men on your side of the country. I have had very few responses from the Pacific Northwest. Maybe we can trade responses!
Aug 31st 2013 new
You are so pretty and so smart! You write very well; you state your case clearly and factually. I thought some of the responses that you received from men were unfair to you and your reported experiences and some of those replies were defensive, which ironically was a little offensive to me!!! lol Your observations and insight were honest and wise and I appreciated reading them!!
I have had interest from either much older men or much younger men. The older men seem like Dads (or Grand Dads) to me and I can't relate to them other than on a friendship level - but they want romance. The younger guys - well - I feel like a mom & could never date someone much younger - and of course some of those guys DO want a mom on some level - all problematic for me!!!.
It is selfish for men to want a much younger woman. We will out live them by 10 years. (statistically) But, they will have someone to take care of them until the day they maybe that is what they want/need?
In closing, let me state that I think that you're awesome and amazing and you look 20 yrs younger than your stated age so... guys out there, Wake up, before someone snatches her away and you lose your chance with Debbie forever!!!!
Sep 27th 2013 new
I have noticed ,too, that the men are using this venue to seek out women a decade or two younger. My daughter has found the same. It is frustrating to me that they want to play for thirty years and then start a family with someone twenty+ years younger. I can't imagine dating someone the age of my children and I don't like the thought of older men sniffing around my daughters.

the idea that my date would have more in common with my father. I can picture some sitting at the table with my dad puffing out their chests and comparing stories.
Oct 25th 2013 new
now it seems the matches and responses are getting even less since I joined in summer 2013
Oct 26th 2013 new
(quote) Larry-525429 said:

Debbie in my humble opinion true love comes from the heart. If you find a truly good person your soul will let you know.

I say the beauty of youth is great but it fades away, the beauty of the soul is everlasting. Debbie you look very good. And

sound very reasonable. God bless

We'll said, Larry. :)
Oct 26th 2013 new
(quote) Joseph-750000 said:

Donna, I have also been contacted as well as viewed by more older than younger women. While there is a difference between viewing and contacting, my point is that the age range of the woman viewing or contacting still tends toward older. There have been some women on this thread who have complained about getting so much attention from older men. What I'm saying is that, in my experience, the same thing happens to me. Sooooo.... it seems that EVERYONE prefers younger from where I'm standing. Just pointing it out.

I don't prefer men younger than me. I generally am most comfortable with men my age or older. There is no theoretical upper limit, but in practice, ten years or so is probably most comfortable. But this makes me feel like I am shopping for a used car, rather than discerning God's will regarding my life partner! (Am laughing at myself a bit.)
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