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Jan 16th 2013 new
Katherine, My sister had this $10 air compressor from Walmart when she had a flat. I thought it was such a great thing so I bought one for myself and my son when he got his first car. One day when I was leaving work, I had a flat. One of the male nurses from my floor asked if he should call security to help me with it (I thought he was going to offer himself) and I said "no thanks. I have a handy dandy tire pumper upper." He just laughed but never forgot it. Sometimes you just have to rely on yourself. I did have a flat on the highway when I lived in Massachusetts. I was standing by my car and a gentleman stopped within 10 minutes and had my tire changed lickitysplit. He was a lifesaver. Now I also have AAA.
Jan 16th 2013 new
(Quote) Katherine-868943 said: Ok, I just sat in a parking lot with a flat tire and nobody even asked if anything was wrong, just kept wal...
(Quote) Katherine-868943 said:

Ok, I just sat in a parking lot with a flat tire and nobody even asked if anything was wrong, just kept walking. (The worst one was the guy waving at my son then saw the flat tire and put his head down and kept going.) So, I must highly endorse having one of those flat repair kits in your car. My dad & brother had just gotten me this one that plugs into the "cigarette lighter" of the car and puts the slime in too, my mum had put it with us this morning so actually without too much hassle we were able to get the tire reinflated and sealed and drive home. I'm heading back to graduate school so I'll be an hour away from my dad & brother, that's why they gave me this kit. Just a reminder if you don't have an auto emergency kit in your car, it might be a good time to add one.


I will be the first to admit I will call the car help service rather than changing my own That is one chore I am not good at. My last flat my son ended up having to help me with.... sad Now I will be calling the help that came with my car....
Jan 17th 2013 new

Yes, they did film parts of Bernie here. It was a big controversy in town and still is to some extent. I finally saw it, and I mostly laughed at it. I was a bit annoyed at the way they used the old choir director from the junior college's name in one of the citizen comments. He would never have presented himself to anyone with a five o'clock shadow, and I can't remember the man ever using the word "ain't." He's been deceased for a while now, and I'm not sure how they chose real names to put in the film.

This flat was while I was out of town, I got so used to Carthage I am actually having to remember all the safety things. Let's put it this way, local police regularly have to issue reminders that you need to be sure to roll up your truck windows if you're going inside a store. It's a nice little town, really, don't let Bernie put anyone off.

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