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Feb 1st 2013 new

So sad and I know it would be very difficult... Consider it as a Blessing in disguise that you have known the guy and his daughter at this early stage of your relationship though it hurts but I am sure theres a greater plan for you, the best is yet to come.

Feb 1st 2013 new

(Quote) Barbara-689659 said: Back on Catholic Match. I was dating a man & it started to get serious for a while. Then hi...
(Quote) Barbara-689659 said:

Back on Catholic Match. I was dating a man & it started to get serious for a while. Then his daughter came home for vacation and met me over Christmas. I was shocked; he supported her when she verbally attacked and insulted me. Thats when I found out he never says "no" to her. Now he wants to talk, acting like nothing is wrong, but he refuses to acknowledge there is anything wrong with his daughter's behavior -- or his. The daughter credits herself with breaking us up, even bragged to her father "that was my work." Help!

How unfortunate. How old is his daughter? Is she a tween? Is he a widower? Or is she the victim of a terrible divorce? Perhaps, she is still mourning... If she is an adult, there is absolutely no excuse for that behavior. However, if she is very young and confused, I can understand why she lashed out at you that way, and therapy would help. He could also be feeling guilt and therefore is allowing her behavior. Just my 2 cents. theheart

Feb 4th 2013 new

I know I'm young but here's my advice.... stay away, cut ties completely, no crossing, do not enter!

Here is why I say this: when my parents got married, my mother became a step mother to the father's children from a previous marriage. The majority of his children treated my mother like crap. I can't begin to describe everything that took place over the years.

If this guy's daughter is that rude towards you while dating, what would it be like if the relationship became more. Especially if he doesn't acknowledge that there's an issue - ( "A house divided cannot stand." - Abe Lincoln )

Feb 4th 2013 new

Thanks, everyone for your comments.

Just to update: the child is a college graduate in her early 20s. Her father and I have been talking, cautiously about this issue. He has said he wants to be a better father and is willing to take steps in that direction. Our relationship is not back to where it was, but we are both praying for discernment on how to proceed.

Feb 5th 2013 new

I've heard of too many of these situations, you just need to walk away. One of several things will happen; he'll blame you and see himself as the victim and he'll never think his daughter's actions were repugnant; he'll start to see his daughter's shenanigans are the cause of his problems when he tries another relationship, or he'll never see his daughter's damaging actions until he's on his death bed and its too late. There's always the chance that the daughter will wake up one day and realise she's being a little brat, sabbotaging his happiness; but if she's never heard "no", if she's never been taught to respect her father then she likely won't. And how can she? She really doesn't know any better.

Regardless of the outcome, you're better out of this mess.

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