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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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May 3rd 2013 new

Conspiracy of Hearts

May 12th 2013 new

Change Of Habit(1969)

Jun 7th 2013 new
Babette's Feast - saw this in my Theology 102 class. Took me a while to appreciate the film but is now one of my favorite Catholic themed films

The Passion of the Christ

Local TV Sitcoms:

May Bukas Pa - a story of an abandoned boy that was raised by Catholic priests in a province.

My Little Juan - a story of a half human, half aswang (a vampire-like monster in Filipino folklore) orphan that was adopted by a Catholic Priest (I'm not sure if he was formally adopted or the priest just became a guardian by default).
Jun 7th 2013 new
Peter and Paul(1981)
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