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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Jan 19th 2013 new

(Quote) William-848056 said: Peace be with you. Well, we have to backtrack. Civil laws/rights are apart of a republic...
(Quote) William-848056 said:

Peace be with you. Well, we have to backtrack.

Civil laws/rights are apart of a republic/demoncratic nation. So, if it is the will of the majority to allow homosexual marriage to be recognized by the state, then so be it; I will not stand in the way.

I like to see the whole monetary benefit taken away from those married. Why should you get a tax break being married while I am single? And don't give that bull of raising kids; I did not make you get married; we can just adopt millions from Africa or elsewhere so the population won't decline. Who says it is better to get married young, get divorced, and raise a kid that becomes a criminal, while I am getting better so to raise a child in a warm home if I do get married? That is why I think this movement on marriage is just a love of money.

Also, why do folks with a mortgage get a tax break on paying interest? I did not make you buy a house. I am renting and got to deal with the tryannical property managers. If that tax break is taken away, then you are more apt on the LIBOR fraud and elsewhere. I mean it is like: please come into my home and rob me, just don't break anything. Geez.

Second, our brothers and sisters fighting for civil rights are having a fuss on estates and inheritances. Look, if you have to pay a tax or fee to get back what is yours or your parents, then it is not yours! Get that through your head. The state owns you. You got a SSN, then you are a slave. Period. Get back to common law and out of the system. That car you pay property taxes; guess what you don't own it! If so, then why pay property tax? Please answer me that question. I do know those that have the actual title, not a certificate of title, and pay no taxes and get may be harass by the cops on occassion. You see cars without plates? May be breaking a law, but why is it that there is no rule telling a cop to pull-over a car with no plates. Ask a cop that question the next time you see him. You guys need to start filtering the camels out of the cup, before you talk about civil rights.

So i guess gay marriage along with the hhs mandate , causing Catholic hospitals and schools and All Catholic missions to shut down or go out of business or pay astronomical fines is ok with you??? So why are you here if you are so against Marriage and procreation Created by God.

What you fail to realise is most every home owner was renting before they were owners and paid the price of managing there money to by a house. you see there is a good reason to give tax breaks to people who have children so it helps to keep us human beings wanted to make more of us with incentives to encourage it. We also pay taxes for some very good reasons like schools for education, to build roads and bridges. etc.

I could name so many but there just isn't enough space.If you have no plates on your car that means you have no inspection or registration or insurance. so this is why you get pulled over. Oh yeah no camels in any of my cups either, I thought they were cigarettes and I remember Jesus say it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to get to heaven.

Oh this too, what sisters and brothers are fighting for human rights and having a fit over inheritance tax??? Pleas let me know what this means if you could. I hope I help God bless Tommy

Jan 23rd 2013 new

Rhode Island looks like it could be state number 10 to go the way of the devil..... And who knows what will happen with the Supreme Court this summer????

God pray for our nation!!

Jan 24th 2013 new

Beautiful Letter from Mother Miriam about standing up for marriage:

I love the book of Esther - like she points out ""we are here for such a time as this." Just like Esther was sent to the king in order that she could save her people because she learned the King's heart and was able to intervene.

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