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Jan 20th 2013 new

(Quote) Marie-933144 said: Yes, Donna, it truly was Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, who drew me to the reality of her Son in ...
(Quote) Marie-933144 said:

Yes, Donna, it truly was Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, who drew me to the reality of her Son in the Eucharist. I know it is only because of her that my awareness of this great mystery is so great. I try to go before Jesus, or receive Him, in, with and through Her Heart

And Al, you are reflecting what so many of our Holy Fathers have said through the ages, especially in these times


Jesus is present in the most Holy Eucharist. It is a beautiful gift of himself he has given us and I can't imagine Mass without it.

Jan 20th 2013 new

Beyond words...

The most undeserved, unwarranted and greatest grace I could ever receive, and which I cannot even come close to fully appreciating in the way He deserves.


Jan 21st 2013 new

I am so beautiful because of the Eucharist. It radiates from within. lovestruck! lovestruck! lovestruck!

Jan 21st 2013 new

(Quote) Marie-933144 said: I'm interested in hearing from other Catholics what part Jesus in the Eucharist plays in your...
(Quote) Marie-933144 said:

I'm interested in hearing from other Catholics what part Jesus in the Eucharist plays in your life. I don't know if there are others out there who have had similar experience to me, but I am in awe and have a hard time containing myself regarding what we as Catholics have available to us in the Eucharist. Though I grew up Catholic, it wasn't until my reversion to Catholicism following college that I realized what we have, and how indifferent and half-hearted I had been, and pre-occuppied with my life and what I would make of it , rather than recognizing this "Pearl of Great Price."
I came to realize the fact that as Catholics Jesus in the Eucharist is meant to be our Divine Bridegroom, for both men and women, and our primary Lover above and beyond any earthly spouse. Not to mention the graces the flow to us when we are disposed when receiving Him and spending time with Him in adoration. Please share your experiences...



I think sometimes we must be separated from the Eucharist to truly understand and hunger for it. The ultimate act of communion with Our Lord and love. I can remember being a young mother and kneeling at the Consecration, hearing the bells, glancing up and being overwhelmed by the enormity of everything that was encompassed in that small round host -- the sacrifice, the nurturance, the invitation, the gift. When my son was preparing for First Holy Communion, I was so concerned that he didn't quite understand it. I went to my Uncle a priest and laid out my concerns and whether I should keep him from First Holy Communion. My uncle grinned at me and said, "Runt, why would you keep a child whose incomprehension is born of his youth and young mind from the graces and gifts of the Eucharist. You have done what you can time to let the Holy Spirit take over." I wept at his First Holy Communion and his sisters and at every Sacrament that followed.

Several year ago, we had some priests from Africa that came to do prison and hospital ministry. They would come down and fill in occasionally. Each brought with them something powerful and unique, that really impacted this small rural parish. One was not staying here except for the summer and then he was going to study canon law. The first Mass he said, when he lifted the consecrated host, he held it up and sang out very loudly, "Behold. . .!!" Every eye immediately went to the altar, jarring this set in its ways, mild parish awake. It was exquisite and beautiful and renewing. A gift beyond words.

Jan 21st 2013 new

The ultimate gift to all of us. To have daily/weekly access to this gift is beyond words. Thank you, Lord!

Jan 21st 2013 new

I attend Mass as often as possible. More than once per week, most weeks. I love Bendediction and Exposition, and often will stop in for a quick visit.

Jan 21st 2013 new

Wow! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful hearts, of your love and awe of our Eucharistic Lord :)...

And, Lauren, how beautiful (to the point of chills), your extended sharing is.

Yes, the Holy Mass, a re-living of Calvary, and the whole Pascal mystery; and, an entering into the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, with we as Bride :).

I so love Pope JPII's TOB teachings on the Eucharist and our reception of Jesus as the consumation of our Baptismal vows... just as the nuptial union of husband and wife is the consumation of their wedding vows. As we receive Jesus in Holy Communion we are invited into a "one-flesh, nuptial union" with Him... but, the key is, are we rightly disposed and receptive to these profound graces?

Mary, Spotless Bride, pray for us!

(ps this is for you men as well. you are meant to learn from women what it means to be receptive "bride" to our Divine Maker :) [but only of course to the degree we women are living it wink ]

Jan 21st 2013 new

Source and summit, baby!

Jan 23rd 2013 new

Yes, truly "Source and Summit!"

I find that especially when I struggle with hurts or insecurities it is a tremendous grace for me to go to the Source of all unconditional love and acceptance and bare my heart and my sufferings. I wasn't always this way... for many years growing up I repressed feelings and had a hardness of heart in my relationship with others. I'd become indifferent if they were insensitive to me in some way, as though it didn't affect me...
But in reality it always affects all of us whether we are conscious of it or not, I've come to realize.
Even with the inner-healing ministry I work with, the Eucharist, and spending time with Jesus in adoration, is seen as the primary means of healing the deeper heart.
I am able to trust Him with my heart, and our Mother too, in a way I can't with any other creature no matter how good they are or how intimate the relationship, God must be at the center, and the "Source and Summit", of the love that is shared.
:) thanks for sharing!

Jan 23rd 2013 new

Apart from the teachings of the church,other people's testimonies,my personal experience with Jesus in the Eucharist has turned my whole life around for the best.

Jesus in the Eucharist,understands everything I suffer,Loves me when no one loves me,gently guided me to where I am today(Peace that passes all understanding),I have no fear anymore,

He healed me of all the wounds/pains I was carrying from a very violent marriage.I now have a better understanding of the weaknesses of the human nature:that many people are very hurt in themselves and thats why they hurt other people!

I gradually became able to pray for people who hurt me the most(which was impossible at first!),

I began to forgive,and now FORGIVING those people is very easy,because I began to understand their misery too.Constant visits to the Blessed Sacrament ensured these.

Jesus in the Eucharist healed me completely at a period when I was at my lowest,abandoned and betrayed by even the people I love and trusted.

I was able to begin to understand my faults and weaknesses and acknowledge them and began to repent of them.

Jesus in the Eucharist always listens to me when the rigors of raising 3 young children alone without a job when I could have one(I am a Physiotherapist) got to me,and I got very angry on many occassions,then walking into the chapel and kneeling before the REAL PRESENCE and accuse HIM of abandoning me and my children with no money,no help,I always end up leaving the chapel strangely at peace and the problem solved soonest or even immeditely.

I never needed a counsellor or antidepressants during those years,because Jesus in the BLESSED EUCHARIST IS ALIVE!

That is where one can find real and lasting peace/rest in tis world.

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