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Feb 25th 2013 new

I had the honor of meeting half way with a really sweet young lady. We had met half way. So it was about an hour and a half for both of us. The day went well. I hope to have more of these kinds of dates in the future.

Feb 26th 2013 new
(Quote) Jennifer-567618 said: What is everyone's opinions/thoughts on first meetings? How have you approached them? Have you been the one...
(Quote) Jennifer-567618 said: What is everyone's opinions/thoughts on first meetings? How have you approached them? Have you been the one to travel, did the other party travel to you, or did you decide to meet somewhere in the middle? What about when living a few states apart? How long do you make your stay then? Please discuss! :)

Well I usually am the one to travel if it's long distance. If it's local we usually meet halfway and do it REALLY QUICKLY I tend to be a fast mover so almost immediately after we both determine we are who we say we are haha we set up a meeting :). If it's a Long distance thing I usually drive/fly and stay for about 4 or 5 days. :) thats just me though some people may do it longer some shorter.
Aug 7th 2013 new
I just had my first CM meeting with a really nice man. We had exchanged messages for a week then we talked on the phone for the second week before agreeing to meet in person. We planned an outing for the day--in our case it was a cultural festival that we both shared an interest in. We agreed to meet halfway. After the festival we had lunch at a nearby casual restaurant and then we took a stroll around the city. We finished the day by relaxing in a lovely park. I felt relaxed throughout the day because my date was easy to talk with and we laughed alot , we were in very public places(during daytime hours) and we had planned the main event together but let the remainder of the date unfold in a very organic manner. He also very kindly arrived at our meeting spot with an attractively wrapped present which he carried for the day for me. Very gentlemanly! Plus, he was there at the appointed spot waiting for me to arrive. At the end of the meeting he escorted me back to the train station. A very pleasant first meeting on CM!
Sep 8th 2013 new
I have met some really cool girls of this site, only one was not very good. I met the first two at restaurants and I flew one across the country to meet me at an airport. Two of the girls I met I dated and had Awesome relationships with. I loved flying across the country fora girlfriend, it all went south when trying to bring things close though, I guess girls can freak out. it will sometimes seem too good to be true when someone will go out of there way for another person. Simon
Sep 18th 2013 new
This has been posted many times over the years. The best rule of thumb is be cautious but open to new people and distance if possible. I think it's best for the guy to travel to you for the first time. I'm not against meeting a guy half way if it's a long distance. Don't expect to meet the love of your life just a cool person who might be a friend. I find it best to meet sooner rather than later it saves time but at least email or chat on the phone a few times. to see if it's worth bothering with. Good luck.
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