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Jan 27th 2013 new

(Quote) Michael-556947 said: The National Shrine of Devine Mercy is huge in Stockbridge , Ma so much to do in the area . bes...
(Quote) Michael-556947 said:

The National Shrine of Devine Mercy is huge in Stockbridge , Ma so much to do in the area . besides being Norman Rockwell Town .


Why don't YOU organize an event there if that's something you'd like to do.. Don't wait for others to do it for you.. All it takes is setting up a date and time and putting a post in the Meet-ups room..Organise it around a Mass and a meal.. Even if only a few people come it will be better than no event at all. You can do this..

Jan 27th 2013 new

(Quote) Lisa-572677 said: I don't want to minimize the situation the victim from found herself in and I don...
(Quote) Lisa-572677 said:

I don't want to minimize the situation the victim from found herself in and I don't want to say it could not happen here, but anything that happens on the internet has happened and continues to happen in real life without the world wide web.

CM is a small subset of folks looking for a faith and romantic connection. That in itself eliminates the vast majority of pervs found on other generic, secular sites. Criminals go for the easy pickin's and CM is an auwfully long way around the barn.

I dare say very few sex offenders received their label attacking middle-aged women. Very few! The vast majority molested children and ones related to them. It's the same on CM as it is on a college campus where I have advised young women. Again, even rapists are going to target small women who they take down not the bigger ones who are tougher to tackle. Just saying that all women are not at equal risk.

And, Pat, you must know from HIPPA, the liability CM would have with addtional info such as SSNs. I see the extra expense that it would cost us all would only give us a false sense of security. It's highly unlikely that a background check would uncover anything on the gentleman you mentioned. Background checks only include ajudicated crimes not every police call or even pending litagation.

I've met men in real life who are still married yet wanted me to believe they were single. I've dated men in real life who have lied about their age. And, I have a dear friend who was scammed for a great deal of money by a man she met in real life. (He's in prison.)

Let's keep the chatter up in the pinkies room to educate every sister how to be safe in real life and on dating sites.


Excellent post Lisa. I had thought of the HIPPA issue too but had not responded in that vein.. There is at least as much liability to CM in trying to get too much information as too little.. CM could open itself to libel accusations. If someone is bent on being up to no good, any background check CM might undertake would be of no useful effect.

Jan 27th 2013 new

We do not discuss what checks we do for security purposes. I can tell you this background checks are NOT the answer they are a small piece. The problem with background checks is that as soon as you say "everyone has had a background check on the site" the people let there guard down and often take the attitude of "well this person must be safe as they had a background check." Generally the best you can do with is determine is someone is a sex offender or a felon. ButI can tell you there are far more cases people are removed from social netowrking sites do to some kind of bad behvior on or offlife and they had no criminal history at all. A person can be a creep or a con-artist and not be a criminal. That is way common sense, prudence and some online googling is your best course of action when meeting ANYONE new be it at a gym, club, party, mass or online dating site.

Since the question was answered and this thread has gone off topic I am shutting this one down.

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