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01/26/2013 new

rosary theheart Praying Praying

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I am and will continue to pray for the unborn and our country who believe so strongly on the other side. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond control, yes, but this has become so much more than a woman right. Abortion has become an epidemic where women have one, two, three abortions. My job is to pray and not judge. God's mercy is so great. However, His blessing lifts when mankind's behavior is displeasing to Him. I have to fight for life as life is God.

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Marita, how did it go with Abby Johnson and Rick Perry? I have been to the March in Austin at least twice. This year I went in DC for the first time. The day was fun and productive, but also long and cold.

(Quote) Marita-847688 said: I'm going to a March for Life in Austin featuring author of
(Quote) Marita-847688 said:

I'm going to a March for Life in Austin featuring author of Unplanned, Abby Johnson, who used to run an abortion clinic until she had a change of heart after watching an ultra sound of a baby fighting for it's life. It is also featuring our govenor, Rick Perry, who just defunded Planned Parenthood in Texas. Later I'm going to a Right to Life speghetti dinner at my Church. The profits will go to a local charity that helps pregnant women.


01/26/2013 new
Marita, that must have been a great March in Austin with a couple of good speakers, and Jim welcome to your first DC March. This year was my 12 th March in DC, it was a little cool yesterday, but we always go to the Youth Rally and Mass in the morning that is sponsored by the diocese, that is a very beautiful and uplifting event. It is so encouraging to see the enthusiasm and energy in the youth.
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Great. Abby Johnson is a wonderful speaker and is very motivational. She said that in order for abortion to end we have to be doing something about it. Last June she started "And then there were none", a website that helps former abortion clinic workers get out of the abortion industry. Apparently it is hard for some to leave because of finances and these people feel trapped. They are told they will not be given references if they leave. She is a big proponent of 40 days for life.

Govenor Rick Perry said our state will be defunding Planned Parenthood. It will get 60 million dollars less this year. The goal is to no longer fund it. He also started other laws like the parental consent law and the law requiring women to see their babies in an ultrasound before having an abortion. He also passed a law saying that women have to wait at least 24 hours to have an abortion after making an appointment.

There was a family passing out flyers about the pill and how it also kills fertilized eggs because the eggs can't stick to the walls of the uterus. Someone from my Church read it and said that the arguements against the pill would be more effective if people spoke of the harm it causes the enviornment. I think it might do something to the water.

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01/27/2013 new

Thank you for your prayers everyone! I marched in the March for Life 2013 in Washington DC and it went very peacefully! Thank you again for all of your prayers for us.

(Quote) Josephine-611497 said: Sisters and brothers,Would you join me to pray for the March for Life that this m...
(Quote) Josephine-611497 said:

Sisters and brothers,

Would you join me to pray for the March for Life that this mission to uphold the human life stands through even after this event. That each person make take a pledge to save lives especially of the unborn. We also pray that parents are more open to adopting babies, so that children of unwed parents have a loving home to grow in.

And for those who are nearby, please show your physical support:

May His divine healing and forgiveness be upon parents who have gone through abortion.


01/27/2013 new
Marita, sounds like you had a couple of great speakers, it is good to see the states really working on restricting abortion as well as planned parenthood, unfortunately in my beautiful state of Vermont we are fighting to keep an assisted suicide bill from becoming law, this is the third year in a row that it has come up and we have a governor who has vowed to pass it. As for the pill, it is sad but true that the environment gets more protection than the unborn.
01/27/2013 new

The power of prayer is great.

rosary Let's all pray for life, which only God can take towards Him.

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