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I did a search in my area and here is what I found:
1. Over half had no pics which leaves me suspicious!!! I flip right over those.
2. Over half Divorced. In all honesty, I can't date a divorcee with a Good Conscious! They are still married in the Eyes of God!
3. Over half consider themselves Catholic but not practicing and the other half of that half only turn to God in need. Where's the Faith which we are all looking for on this site? And only turning to God in need. Boy, I need him everyday of every hour of my existance!! Then there is the Faith questions faint That needs to be another thread.

I can take criticism with the best and I guess this is why I become discouraged sometimes.
No, I am a work in progress too...Just thought I would get that out of the way. theheart

Jan 28th 2013 new

I can appreciate your frustration, Cathy. We do have a right to be choosy, and to set our preferences they way we want. Of course, the more restrictions we place, the harder it will be to find someone. Geography plays a major part in it, as well as willingness or ability to look beyond one’s own area. In my case, if I set my criteria as “free to marry”, active in the last month or two, and regular church attendees ages 50-58 within 100 miles, I get all of two members. A guy was on here complaining a couple weeks ago about how hard it is for him to find somebody within 100 miles. He lived in a larger metropolitan area, and using this same search criteria I turned up close to 300 members in his area. I have two.

To be fair, Cathy, I am better situated to look beyond my immediate area than you are, as I don’t have any children, and finances are not an issue for me as far as being able to travel. My main problem would be finding another job at my age if I did relocate for a relationship. Also, that I can’t really see anybody realistically wanting to move to my area, with both a lousy economy and terrible weather most of the year, as well as the issue of leaving their families behind. I traveled to a distant state last summer to meet somebody I really liked, and still do, but that didn’t pan out for me. Yet I try looking beyond, hoping and praying that somehow it will all work out for me, and others in the same situation…

Jan 28th 2013 new

wave hug Thank you for your response Michael from the North of me a tad bit biggrin

You are right about relocating. A little tough right now for me being that I am in a nursing program that is very challenging to get into to begin with, but I would have no problems say in a couple of years from now to tell the kids I'm otta here laughing My oldest will be going to the U of M and lots of family around here in case she needs help and my youngest, too bad for her, she's going to have to adjust!! And besides, adjusting to high school is an adjustment. Heck, everyday life is an adjustment, LOL!!

Not meaning I need a guy to do all of this, BUT WOULDN"T THAT BE GREAT!.

I just want to get out of the cold !!! fluffy Maybe this is a dream as I am very close to my family even though they are scattered throughout MN, but hey, a three hour car ride or a three hour flight? hmmmm, for warmth I can see doing it. wave

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