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Incompatibility (Part 1) - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Incompatibility (Part 2) - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Incompatibility (Part 3) - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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The Critical Need for Virtuous Fathers

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Thank you for posting these links. Fulton Sheen always amazes me and I always learn something from his teaching style, moral grounding and holy priesthood. He is such a blessing-especially today! These tapes would be great for pre cana a very beautiful way of presenting a reality check. Particularly like the story about the atheist who became a priest due to his wife's prayers & sacrifice and then Fulton's spiritual director.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Pray for us!

theheart Lisa

Jan 30th 2013 new

Thank you for the links.

A few other Archbishop Fulton Sheen links are the following:

1. "Three To Get Married"

2. "These Are The Sacraments"

3. Archbishop Fulton Sheen's Facebook page

4. (A great resource. MP3, list of books, etc.)

5. Bishop Sheen Today ( more resources. links to videos on YouTube)

6. Cause for the Canonization of Archbishop Sheen

A passage from "Three To Get Married" goes well with these videos:

When the other partner becomes an idol and the object of worship
because there is no God to adore, erotic love turns against those
who have abused it. Each partner begins to feel the torturous
contradiction between the infinite longing for Divine Love which it
spurned, and its poor finite realizations and satieties in the human
form. Both try to live a moment in which Satan's promise would be
realized: "You will be like gods." But when there is no Agape to
bridle Eros, then the furies are unleashed when the other partner is
discovered not to be a God, much less an angel, or even a fallen
angel. Because the other partner did not give all he promised to
give (but which he was incapable of giving because he was not
God) the other feels betrayed, deceived, disappointed, and
cheated. No human being is Love, but only lovable. Only God is
Love. When the creature takes the place of the Creator and is made
to stand for love, then erotic love turns to hate; the other partner is
discovered to have feet of clay, to be a woman instead of an angel,
or to be a man instead of an Apollo. When the ecstasy does not
continue, and the band stops playing, and the champagne of life
loses its sparkle, the other partner is called a cheat and a robber,
and then finally called to a divorce court on the grounds of
incompatibility. And what grounds could be more stupid than
incompatibility, for what two persons in the world are perfectly
and at all times compatible?

Feb 2nd 2013 new

Great posts! Thanks for sharing!

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