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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Jan 30th 2013 new

(Quote) Kate-912649 said: Depends. Anywhere from 30 min.- 4 hrs. I knew a couple who met in Vegas whose first date lasted 30+ years...
(Quote) Kate-912649 said: Depends. Anywhere from 30 min.- 4 hrs. I knew a couple who met in Vegas whose first date lasted 30+ years. She was a waitress w/ me when I was in college. Cutest older couple I ever knew. I suppose after they got married on day #3 ... it ceased to be officially "dating". So technically the date lasted only 72 hrs.

I knew a nurse that did that.. She went to Vegas to visit her sister, one night a male friend of the sisters went along to the casino's and they were married about three days later. Anyway she came back to Indiana to quit her job and move her belongings..

I did a private duty case for a long while with a retired lawyer and his wife of 54 years.. They met when he attended a birthday party of his wife's former fiance down in KY.. Three days later John brought Margaret home as his wife.. When her mother need constant attention in her old age John and Margaret brought her into their home.. John said his MIL told him every day until she died how much she hated him because the former fiance was the son of her best friend and the whole situation broke up her friendship with the mom..

Jan 30th 2013 new

One time I had a first date that started out with an early afternoon meeting at a sandwich place, continued to a really nice restaurant across the parking lot and then on to a movie.. I say start out with lunch and then see what happens..

Jan 30th 2013 new

My last first dates...

One was 11 hours, but we had been talking every day for a number of months, were really close, and were already calling each other "baby" and such.

One was 3 hours, but we had never even talked outside of a couple of messages.

One was 4 hours, but it was a blind date with a group.

One was 10 hours, but I'm not sure it was really a date or just meeting F2F to hang out.

I think it really depends how well you know them. Are you really looking forward to meeting them and you already talk? Can you openly tell them "I can't wait to finally meet you :D What should I wear??" or is it more of a "I look forward to seeing you there" sorta deal. It's all about the vibe.

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