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Feb 8th 2013 new
Brian I grew up in Mass and remember well the Blizzard of 78, sounds like you folks are in for a repeat 35 yrs later. So far in northern Vt we've received about a foot and it has stopped snowing. After last winter with very little snow we have had a more normal winter this year.
Feb 8th 2013 new

I like snow shovelling, but we are getting hammered today!

Feb 8th 2013 new
We had loads of snow here today - have not seen this much in a looong time - shoveling alot and a good neighbour helped me out with his snow blower - definately feel sorry for any souls on the road
Feb 8th 2013 new

Well, we didn't have any snow during the week and it seems that is not going to be any during the weekend here or in DC neither

Feb 9th 2013 new

I woke up this morning and....we got the snow. boggled's not as bad as we thought it was gonna be. And...the sun did come out....may be it will be all melted by Sunday. crossfingers Praying

theheart Dove cookiemonster hellokitty heart

Feb 9th 2013 new
We got a light dusting here in Morgantown.
Feb 9th 2013 new

(Quote) Peter-189584 said: We've had about 4 or 5 decent snowfalls of 6 inches or more this winter so far. I think the m...
(Quote) Peter-189584 said:

We've had about 4 or 5 decent snowfalls of 6 inches or more this winter so far. I think the most at one time was about 10 inches. So maybe a little more than the average I'm used to, definitely more than last year. I only had to shovel a snowdrift behind my car actually felt kinda good. Nothing has really melted this year other than on the streets, so we have an average of close to two feet of snow everywhere, although it blows around so it's mostly piled up in some places, and not much in other places.

Sadly, still no snow days for me :( 33 years and counting...


Peter, I'm practically your neighbor, and we haven't had much snow this year at least according to AK standards!! LOL
It's been bitter cold here though, just 17 below last week. I hope we get more snow, we're suppose to. Last year we were dumped on hard!! I don't have the figures....but last year was record breaking in many years!!

Feb 9th 2013 new

She quickly learned that flashing lights during a snow fall means icy roads

There ya go. That's another one. One of my crew asked me not too long ago why I hadn't yet retired to someplace with a sandy beach and drinks with umbrellas. Good question. Lord????

Feb 11th 2013 new

Poor Brian is truly quite blue sad
Im mad at all of you irked
Here I shovel with no relief in sight sorry
Im up to my can in the white out blues surprised
Is this really good news? scratchchin
Dont laugh,sneer,and jeer raspberry
I will be lucky if Im done next year Praying
So,with Lent coming up,please give me a hand angel
Bring rock salt,shovels and loads and loads of sand clap

Feb 11th 2013 new

Yesterday the storm started out with freezing rain, which after several hours turned to snow but the snow only lasted less than an hour before turning over to rain again weeping

And out of all the days it has to do this, I drove from Hudson to Chippewa Falls yesterday and halfway through the trip is when the freezing rain started and when I started noticing cars in the ditch wide eyed which meant that I need to slow down before I end up in the ditch. I made it safely to my destination biggrin but now I have to be up and ready by 5:30 a.m. to go to work (I start a new job tomorrow biggrin) but the street that I am on is at the end of the road, is the last to get plowed, and there is a sheet of ice on the driveway and I really hope that the ice wont be there in the morning so I can make it to the street and to work. Praying

Other than the freezing rain, little snow, and very cold winds out here in the Chippewa Valley, it is nice, though I am ready for spring to be here.

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