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This is the place to post any questions about the way that CatholicMatch works or make suggestions. This room is open to both free and subscribing members.

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Feb 12th 2013 new

The events page is for listing events in which a member is attempting to bring CatholicMatch people together for the purpose of fellowship, enjoyment and mingling. We do not and cannot investigate every event. Nor is it our responsiblity to make sure that every event might conflict with someone's Sunday obligation. Obviously if we had a complaint about an event then we would not longer let that person post events in the future but fortunatly that has never happened. As far as non-Catholics go to my knowledge it is still a free country and non-Catholics can attend cruise ships, ball games, amusmement parks, skating rinks and many other places even if there are Catholic around. Any event listed on the events page that utilizes public places there wil be non-Catholics around. All that being said from now on we will do out best to add something that will state if sunday mass is being provided or if it will be accessible. If not at least each person considering the event can choose for themselves. I am locking since the question has been asked and answered. Any further questions please submit a help ticket.

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