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Why are some of the topics posted in this Room, locked by Brian (for example, my thread on non-Catholics at CM events) while other topics (for example, the recent one on scammers) not locked by Brian after he answers them?

The reason Brian states when he locked my thread was that the question had been asked and answered which is correct. So, why was the thread on scammers (and other threads) not locked when the question has been asked, and indeed answered by Brian?

I don't understand why this is the case, and it appears to be discriminatory since only selective topics are being locked, while other topics remain open, and yet all of these threads questions have been answered. Please explain. Thank you.

Feb 18th 2013 new

Many factors:  sometimes we forget, sometimes the thread seems productive so we let it go, sometimes the thread is not causing problems so we let it go, sometimes the thread is not repetitive so we let it go, managing the forums is not a science. Overseeing the forms is about 1% of our jobs and yet to often it eats up a disproportionate amount of time so depending on the ebs and flows of the threads and beavior of members often determines how quick we are with the trigger.

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