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Greeting Lady and Gentlemen,

What steps or process are you now in God disernment during this Lenten season theheart ? It is very important for us Catholic to continues discerning God will for each person so that we all can go to Heaven together and prepare of our soul to meet God.
Mankind's Search for Happiness and Holiness in life only by doing God will, but not our will. I am in my secondary vocation discernments process right now and discovers that there three stages of vocation discernments for Catholic person.

First, Our Primary stage of Vocation is God calling us to both happiness and holiness through our batpizism promises new life in Christ to live Christ-likeness to become a saint first. A man will not be able to know and accept his secondary vocation until he has been seriously striving towards his primary vocation stage of holiness wanting to go to heaven follow God 10 commendments,recieved sacraments, the church teachings, God Precepts and Statues through the Bible, work of charitys in corporal works of mercy, spiritual works of mercy, and follows closely the eight Beatitudes.

Secondary Vocation refers to the particular state in life in which we are called to fulfill our primary vocation of holiness.
There are four vocation options for a catholic man.

1. Holy Marriage, 2. Holy Orders (priesthood, deacon), 3. Religious Life (Brothers, Priests, Sisters, and oblates), 4. Generous Single Life in Christ (layman).

Finally Vocation stages is his occupation in life, which relfects by his secondary vocation determines his talents for example a man discerning to become a parish diocesan priest or deacon needs to ministers in parishes community and provide pastoral care for the people. That is the occupation of a parish priest to care and serve the sicks like nurses or doctors both physical and spiritual aspected in life.

Every Catholic man is being called by God to at least one of these four states in life. The majority of man are called to marriage, it must be discerned and not just assumed. Holy Orders the less common one it is rare because it is a gifts of the Holy Spirit which comes from God and Jesus Christ sacred power. Diocesan Priest and Deacon only make Promises to live out celibately chastely, obedience, and prays life in union with the Pope and their bishop in the dioceses. Religious Life is very rare in the holiness perfect life of Jesus Christ by taken you closer to heaven because in religious orders you have to vows to the Evangelical Counsels of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, which reflect the eternal destiny of every person in Heaven. Generous single life in Christ God plan that some men serve the Church in area of needs layman building up the Kingdom of God on earth, helping others go to heaven, and growing into this holiness in the process. This Vocation is the most difficult and frustrating to discerns. It needs to be permanent commitment to serves to cement the person in a state in life.

The Pyramid Rule, a man must first need to live out the Primary Vocation of holiness, then discerns his Seconary Vocation before he can discern his Occupation. One starts at the bottom (remember like a pyramid) with the universal call to holiness, then goes on to discerns one's state of life. And finally, the Lord will shows him how to serve specifically within that particular state in life.

The Key points here is what ever vocation you choose should brings you both the happiness and holiness to severs God and his peoples, so that you can share that happiness and holiness to others bringing them closers to God and Heaven that the purpose in life is who will you bring with you into Heaven? Every Vocation is a mystery of God-predetermined will for us in life. People flourish in their correct vocation! It means that they are steadily growing in holiness, they are fulfilled, and they are becoming the person God wants them to be. May God help each person discover the correct vocation to discerns God plan for us during this season of Lent in our Catholic church celebration.

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