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Apr 4th 2013 new

(Quote) Thomas-699657 said: Then read this and see what the students are learning in American colleges. I warn you, some of ...
(Quote) Thomas-699657 said:

Then read this and see what the students are learning in American colleges. I warn you, some of it is not easy reading nor R rated it's more XXX. notice where it is being taught and the Bible reference. Lets see what everyone thinks???

If this works you will be able to read student and other comments about the program. Not everyone is in agreement.


Homepage Related Links FULL TEXT: Allegheny College president's statement on sex education program at chapel Discussion Add a comment on this story Steve M wrote:

Why do some people think this event might be off-putting to potential new college students? Not to be flippant, but I would think it would have exactly the opposite effect. As for the venue, while Jesus is not known to have taken a position on female orgasms, there is nothing incompatible between religion and a healthy sex life. Matt Drudge, grow up.

February 27, 2013, 3:12 PM Kevin Satcher wrote:

Every time I see a story like this I smile knowing that these institutions inch closer and closer to irrelevance in our society. They are so insanely arrogant to believe the opposite is true. If you are a Christian who finances the insane notions of these institutions to the tune of $40,000 a year you are part of the problem. Be a part of the solution and vote with your finances and with your feet. Leave!

February 26, 2013, 4:24 PM graduate's paying parent wrote:

Much ado about nothing? Only if one ignores the isuue of taste, heretofore ignored in the commentary I've been able to review. The president did a good tip-toe job past the issue, however defending it as being clumsy and inelegant but not truly vulgar is to demonstrate a marked lack of what my generation calls 'class.' Fact is, this was tasteless.

February 26, 2013, 1:19 PM alleghenymom wrote:

While I have no issue with the topic of this debate I do have an issue with where it was held. True--it is just 'an empty building' as someone stated. However, it is a place where my daughter has attended Catholic mass and others attend services of their faith. It would be hard to attend mass there knowing the conversation that occured. That is a topic that should not enter one's thoughts during a mass or service. Unfortunatly this has brought negative attention to AC. Allegheny is so sensitive to all groups except for christians. I feel like this was a huge slap in the face.

February 26, 2013, 9:27 AM Freshman Father wrote:

I have no problem with the subject matter, but with all those big buildings on campus, wasn't there a better place to do this than the chapel? Regardless of your religious views, why would any college want to attract such negative attention, when better planning would have made this such a non-story! I pay a lot of money for my only son to go there, and this makes me wonder about the decision making process of those in charge. What a shame to have such negativity focused on a great school when it could have easily been avoided. Wake up administration!

February 25, 2013, 8:33 AM Truth Squad wrote:

Alas, the damage has been done. Allegheny College, through its failure to supervise responsibly the activities that occur on campus, has become a national laughingstock.

And the college president's abject handwringing is far from reassuring. I suppose this is what passes for 'leadership' in higher education today....

Well, we'll learn soon enough how this national media firestorm affects the decisions of prospective enrollees (and their parents). The deadline for college enrollment decisions is May 1.

February 25, 2013, 8:12 AM alleghenystudent wrote:

Being a student that attended the event and coming from a liberal background, I saw nothing wrong with the event being held at the church. I'm not particularly religious myself, but even friends of mine that are religious didn't care in the slightest on the venue choice. The program was designed to help everyone with questions or concerns or even just curiosity to come and learn something previously unknown and uncharted territory for themselves. The only issue facing the college is the false information presented by McHugh to Fox News. Everyone just needs to get over this subject, because it in all honestly wasn't a big deal.

February 24, 2013, 9:06 PM Serena Audley wrote:

I'm currently a freshman at Allegheny; I attended the program Wednesday night, but I had no clue that this would get so blown out of proportion and mis-reported by so many people and organizations. (and I really didn't think that such big organizations - or collegiate level news sites - would be so laid back and lazy when doing their research).
I'm really glad someone's come out with the truth about the 'I Love the Female Orgasm' presentation, because, honestly, it was one of the more comprehensive sex ed programs I've been to. It's definitely something that should be talked about, but, please, I beg you all, do your research before you grab your pitchforks and attack President Mullen and our chaplain, Jane Ellen.
There were moments of 'awkward' - but that's expected when we're talking about sex. The point of the presentation was not to make people uncomfortable and fidgety, but to make sex less taboo, less scandalous, and safer.
Anyway, my point here is... as a student at Allegheny, it was definitely exciting to see my college in the news... but it was definitely embarrassing and disheartening when I saw how terribly off the 'reporters' were.
I'm proud of this school, and I'm proud of the events we hold, the people who come to speak - all of

February 24, 2013, 6:54 PM Kate wrote:

Thank you, Meadville Tribune, for the first unbiased presentation of this event that I have seen thus far.

Three things for readers to keep in mind:
1) The chapel is a non-denominational space where speakers, sororities, musicians, etc. host events. There are no altars, tabernacles, or icons of any faith save a cross and Star of David on the stained glass windows. For better or for worse, it is essentially an empty building on campus.

2) Students (not taxpayers) pay $40,000 a year for an education that encourages critical thinking, individual choice, and engaging conversations about challenging material. The fact that students are able to discuss controversial material in a mature and open manner speaks volumes for the level of informed, critical thought that is produced on our campus.

3) The amount of false information and logical fallacies being circulated is astounding. I am honestly ashamed, not of my school, but of the media outlets (other than the Meadville Tribune) that have besmirched our reputation in their quest for shock value.

Thank you for reading this, and please consider the facts while forming your opinion of the event and of Allegheny College.

February 24, 2013, 12:57 PM IC2ITUC wrote:

What do you expect from most of our colleges which have liberal Professors and Administrations! They teach their Socialist, Marxist, and Communistic views, overtly and subtly to undermine our traditional religious and social values and traditions. The 'new kids'(Indigos and Christals) will see through most of the CRAP that our institutions of 'higher learning' are spewing out. A general college education is often overblown in it's value now, and more people are realizing this. You hardly need anything you learn in college to function better on your job and in life. Mostly it shows others that you could put up with 4 years of indoctrination and courses of limited value for your future vocation and life. Professional schools (Medical,Optometry, Dental, etc.) and some programs in general colleges (Nursing, Accounting, etc.) are often the exception though. Often a trade school education, or just being mentored in a trade is just as valuable and in some cases more valuable, than a traditional college 'education'!

February 24, 2013, 11:43 AM Imjustsayin32 wrote:

Public scorn from mass media reports is embarrassing but -- does Allegheny really think the Almighty is just chuckling?

February 24, 2013, 5:36 AM moved away in 2006 wrote:

40,000$ a year to learn to masturbate...and in Ford's Chapel no less. Thank you for embarrassing my former town.
Bravo AC, Bravo!!

February 23, 2013, 10:36 AM Trib. reader wrote:

If Ms. McHugh was uncomfortable with the presentation,
all she needed to do was leave. The article states that this program has been presented in various church settings. I applaud the college response to this event, and feel the uproar about it seems overblown and inconsiderate of Allegheny's mission.

February 23, 2013, 7:47 AM Mack Flaherty wrote:

I'd just like to point out that a VOLUNTARY program is not 'forcing your beliefs on somebody else'. Additionally, just because some people don't think its okay to be sexually promiscuous doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same. The reporting of the story was inaccurate and that is the reason for the controversy. Slandering a program and citing quotes out of context is sure to generate problems no matter how its done.

February 22, 2013, 11:13 PM Sarah wrote:

Quality reporting. :)

February 22, 2013, 10:01 PM Rev. Rob Hernan wrote:

As an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church (with which Allegheny College is associated) and the father of an Allegheny sophomore, I have no problem with the college having presented the 'I Love Female Orgasm' program. I'm pleased to know the students at Allegheny are being presented with a wide variety of ideas; I believe that exposure to varied moral/ ethical systems is essential for a mature, informed formation of ones own values.

Although I was initially disturbed that the program was presented in the college chapel, according to the Tribune's coverage the chapel, much like the chapel at my alma mater, is not exclusively consecrated to Christian worship--not a 'sacred space.' I would caution against the College allowing itself to be negatively impacted by this tempest in a teapot.

February 22, 2013, 9:36 PM peacefulpandamonium wrote:

spoken by KIDS that can't even cross the street safely!

February 22, 2013, 4:30 PM February 22, 2013Sex education program in chapel brings Allegheny College negative attentionCollege president wishes program would have been held elsewhere on campus but defends presentation of material that may offend or upset

MEADVILLE — Allegheny College’s president wishes a sexual education program had been held at a site other than the college’s Ford Memorial Chapel but he defends the on-campus presentation of the material, as well as other topics that might offend or upset, as key to the college’s mission.

An Allegheny College student’s write-up of the “I Love Female Orgasm” program Wednesday at the chapel went viral, appearing on Fox news website, the Drudge Report and other outlets after being posted Thursday on The College Fix, which bills itself as “original. Student reported. Your daily dose of right-minded campus news.” Reaction was swift as the college received a sudden influx of emails and social media responses, many fraught with factual discrepancies.

The attention led Allegheny President Jim Mullen to issue a statement Friday, that read, in part: “The decision to hold this event in our chapel felt disrespectful to members of the Allegheny community who regard it to be inappropriate for a house of worship. Whether or not everyone agrees with that feeling — it is a matter of respect to take those feelings into account and to accommodate them if possible. That could have been accomplished — without restricting open discussion — by selecting another site. I wish that another venue had been chosen.”

The student who sparked the controversy has an issue with more than just where the program was held, however.

“They say it’s to educate people on making healthy sexual decisions,” said Katie McHugh, a senior from Washington, D.C. “But it’s about forcing their point of view on other people to humiliate them.”

McHugh reported sitting through the two-plus hours of presentation and subsequent question and answer session and recalls the feeling of embarrassment hearing the program’s explicit, graphic and detailed nature.

“They wanted to challenge Christian morals and encourage people not to feel guilty about promiscuity or the sexual choices they’ve made,” she added.

McHugh was among more than 200 students who attended the voluntary, non-curricular program sponsored by a student organization at the chapel, which is used for ecumenical services, Catholic mass and a wide variety of non-religious events ranging from presentations and talks to concerts.

McHugh’s article states Allegheny Dean of Students Joe DiChristina and Allegheny Chaplain Jane Ellen expressed no problem with the location, citing the program’s history of advocating responsible decisions and inclusion of options for students of faith.

“I Love Female Orgasm” has been presented through 500 programs in venues around the country, including colleges and universities, businesses, churches, conferences and adult education centers, according to its organizers, Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot.

A previous visit to Allegheny’s campus about three years ago left a positive-enough impression to warrant a second visit, said Cassandra Dellas, vice president of public relations for Reproductive Health Coalition (ReproCo), an organization run by Allegheny students that was one of the sponsors of the event.

“To my knowledge, they’ve been to over 300 campuses and spoken to over 100,000 people across the country,” she said.

ReproCo partnered with student groups Young Feminists and Queers and Allies to bring the program back to campus on the grounds that it makes the subject of sexuality less taboo and creates an atmosphere where students can feel unashamed discussing.

“The intent is educational,” said Dellas. “It encompasses a lot more than genitalia and masturbation. It’s also about relationships and being comfortable with yourself and your partner.”

ReproCo had intended to hold the program in Shafer Auditorium. Students organizing the program’s return were told by the college’s Office of Student Involvement that a scheduling conflict arose and they were advised to choose another location.

Ford Memorial Chapel was picked — and OK’d by the college employees who run the Office of Student Involvement — for its ability to house audiovisual technology and provide a close-knit, comfortable space for students to feel secure discussing the subject matter, Dellas said.

“We considered other locations, but they wouldn’t have worked; Ford was the last possible choice,” she argued. “The chapel’s not a church. We know that’s splitting hairs, but we hoped that explanation would be enough.”

Dellas realized her explanation wasn’t enough for people she says responded with hostility against the school and its student body more so than the presentation itself. She asserted the program was about the promotion of safe decisions over sexual acts. She also took issue with some of McHugh’s reporting.

“Many quotes are taken out of context, making it seem like a pornographic event instead,” Dellas claimed. “I know the board had no intention of people disrespecting the chapel or its worshippers. A lot of what’s been reported is definitely inaccurate.”

While college officials respect McHugh’s freedom of speech and right to an opinion, they said that secondary reportage of her story and many of the responses the college received are inaccurate.

“It’s dismaying to see how the original issue spun out of control into a variety of assertions and charges beyond inflammatory,” said Brian Dalton, vice president of enrollment and communications.

“We’re seeing more and more responses suggesting this was an established course,” he added. “This is not the case. We have received a lot of communications by a majority of people not associated with Allegheny College who have asserted untrue claims.”

While Dalton expects no direct policy change from the presentation and negative attention, he believes future events will be subject to additional discussion in the interests of Allegheny’s liberal arts environment.

“When the issue came to a head, we had natural questions about the process,” he said. “I do know from our standpoint that you can mandate certain things with strict consideration to an event and its audience. Our approach will harken back to values to guide these procedures.”

Strict policies are not the Allegheny way, Dalton explained, allowing the liberal arts college to function for 200 years through community collaboration and the free exchange of ideas which he believes can be accommodated with vibrant debate and dialogue within the campus.

“No one is clamoring on campus; we defend the right of campus organizations to promote presentations like this as we defend the students who would disagree with them,” Dalton added. “We are reluctant to impose policy upon chapel usage, but we will take greater consideration regarding its impact.”

“Our campus is and will be a place where a wide range of ideas and topics can be openly discussed, and that includes conversations about sexuality that might be uncomfortable for some,” said Mullen. “The notion of the Allegheny campus as a safe place for such free and open discussion is one of our most cherished values.

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Apr 4th 2013 new

(Quote) Jim-13836 said: I agree with Naomi. It's going to get a lot worse. Was it Judge Robert Bork or some...
(Quote) Jim-13836 said:

I agree with Naomi. It's going to get a lot worse. Was it Judge Robert Bork or someone else who said if God doesn't punish America for her sins He will have to aologize to Sodom and Gemorah? I think that Chastisement is around the corner.


I agree, Jim, I'm going to buy earthquake insurance soon.

Apr 4th 2013 new
(Quote) Thomas-699657 said: Then read this and see what the students are learning in American colleges. I warn you, some of it is not eas...
(Quote) Thomas-699657 said:

Then read this and see what the students are learning in American colleges. I warn you, some of it is not easy reading nor R rated it's more XXX. notice where it is being taught and the Bible reference. Lets see what everyone thinks???


My own college Student Health Services is offering a lecture called "Sex in the Dark". While not knowing exactly what is going to be discussed, can anyone guess?? scratchchin scratchchin
Apr 9th 2013 new
Two Gay Students at George Washington University try to banish Catholic priest from campus

"The plan to oust Shaffer includes the creation of a video containing the statements of several students who have left GWs Newman Center. That video, Legacy and Bergen hope, will surely arouse the generally left-leaning campus to anger, thus forcing school officials to act.

Other aspects of the proposed GW Newman Center insurgency include filing a formal complaint with the administration and conducting a series of prayer vigils outside the center.

Legacy and Bergen will also distribute a letter to high-ranking administrators. According to The Hatchet, the letter will cite academic studies connecting homophobic behavior to loss of appetite, insomnia and other detrimental psychological consequences.

Finally, Legacy will request that GWs Student Association defund the Newman Center (which is affiliated with the school but officially part of the Roman Catholic Church). This year, the Center reportedly collected $10,000 in funding."
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