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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Feb 23rd 2013 new

Hi Naomi,
I read your post and am right there wiyj you. When I read that they think contraception is OK, as is premarital sex, and don't believe in papal infallibility, I think then why are you on this sight. We are Catholics. Catholoicism is to love the church. Our Lord desires not sacrifice but obedience. It's not up to me to pick & choose what I like, but to obey the magesterium and our Holy Mother Church. I know She is attacked by laypeople, other faiths and of course the media. Therefore, I KNOW I am in the right place. The father of lies always goes after the good and the holy and The TRUTH! Why would he work on some little non demoninational church? As St. Theresa of Avila used to say "if you are doing God's work satan will go after you with a vengengence but if we are right along with his minieons he will leave us be. He does't have to go after us as we are already doing his work. That's why the good and holy people and institutions including pro=Life are constanstly under attack. I am with you 100%. If a guy says self employed, no picture, and doesn't have any conviction, I pass. As I would expect the same for a man. Aren't we on this sight to love Jesus together and follow our faith and church? No cafeteria Catholicism here. I am happy to be a women like you. Our day and our man will come. Jesus will send him to us in His time.My searches are also 7/7 as well. Ley us hang in there and stand up for Jesus! that is the most important thing in life...even if we do end up alone.

God bless you my sister in Christ,

Feb 24th 2013 new

1) A couple thoughts run through my head depending on my mood. Sometimes I see people I've messaged or I viewed their profile and they viewed me back. Yay. I don't post in the forums much so I can assume that the others are search results. Sometimes is a mixed emotion of "ewww...creepy dude is looking at my profile" or "Hey he looks nice why hasn't he come up on my sear...oh...doesn't attend mass regularly...darn" or "Foreign guy...I wonder how difficult it would be to move to the Netherlands...".

2) I tend only to view profiles that came up on my matches or my searches. So basically a "Why did I get matched with you?" or "Why did you come up in my search" or "This guy looks interesting."

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